Autos overshadow the small gadgets at CES tech show

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The smartphones and other small machines that used to dominate the annual CES gadget show have been overshadowed in recent years by bigger mobile devices: namely, automobiles. Auto companies typically save more practical announcements about new cars, trucks and SUVs for the upcoming Detroit auto show. But major automakers like Toyota, […]

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Apple investors urge action to curb child gadget addiction

NEW YORK (AP) — Two major Apple investors have urged the iPhone maker to take action to curb growing smartphone addiction among children, highlighting growing concern about the effects of gadgets and social media on youngsters. New York-based Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, or CalSTRS, said Monday in open letter […]

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What’s on center stage at the CES tech show? Your voice

What’s the hottest thing in the world of technology these days? Your voice. Some of the most popular gadgets over the holiday season were smart speakers with digital assistants from Amazon and Google . Apple is coming out with its own speaker this year; Microsoft and Samsung have partnered on another. As the annual CES […]

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Property transactions

The following real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Jan. 1: • Lucille Sekel, Andrea Crease, Diance Roupas and James Creaseto Stephen and Mary Perchak, 995 Meade Ct., Hazleton, $100,000. • Raymond D. Gallagher to Timothy M. and Mary T. McGinley, 287 […]

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Pot industry frets, then shrugs off Sessions’ new policy

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — This week’s announcement that the U.S. Justice Department was ditching its hands-off approach to states that have legalized marijuana initially sent some in the industry into a tailspin, just days after California’s $7 billion recreational weed market opened for business. But for long-term pot purveyors accustomed to changing regulatory winds, the […]

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5 ways to assess whether the GOP tax plan is delivering

WASHINGTON (AP) — If President Donald Trump and his Republican allies are right, the $1.5 trillion tax cut plan they sped into law last month will make individuals and businesses more prosperous. Paychecks will grow. Stocks will surge further. Consumers will spend more. The economy will accelerate. Critics counter that the tax plan will mainly […]

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On the Money: Auto interest rates on the rise for those with poor credit

DETROIT — Car salesmen call it “the payment walk,” when a customer wants a new vehicle but is walked instead to the used lot because they can’t qualify for a new-car loan. With the Federal Reserve seemingly bent on more interest-rate hikes, it’s almost certain that more people will be taking that stroll. The Fed […]

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Cable bills rising again

NEW YORK — Cable and satellite TV providers are ringing in the new year with an unwelcomed gift: higher cable bills. Comcast, for instance, says customer bills will rise 2.2 percent, on average, in 2018. AT&T is raising DirecTV’s prices by up to $8 a month in mid-January. Smaller providers are planning increases, too. Over […]

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Blindness breakthrough costly

WASHINGTON — A first-of-its kind genetic treatment for blindness will cost $850,000 per patient, making it one of the most expensive medicines in the world and raising questions about the affordability of a coming wave of similar gene-targeting therapies. The injectable treatment from Spark Therapeutics can improve the eyesight of patients with a rare genetic […]

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CNN: Spotify facing $1.6 billion lawsuit over copyright infringement

The streaming music service Spotify has been accused of using artists’ music “without a license and without compensation” in a $1.6 billion dollar lawsuit, according to a story on The suit was filed by Wixen, which handles copyright management for artists such as Tom Petty, The Doors, Neil Young and Missy Elliot. More than […]

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