To your health: Every profession has tools of the trade, doctors included

So, what characteristics define a particular worker? Well, I can list a bunch. First, there’s a fund of knowledge. For example, an electrician needs to know a lot about electricity, circuits, grounding, etc. Then, there’s an appropriate attitude. A laid-back, easy-going style is probably not ideal for an air traffic controller. A set of responsibilities […]

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To your health: This spring, resolve to be a better patient

Springtime, Easter and Passover … all work to make this an especially hopeful time of year. Yes, Mary and I spent the weekend with Kate, Andy and Rowan. That, too, always adds to my optimism and positivity. Ro is a joy. Happy, strong, funny and warm. But with Mary as her grandmother and Kate as […]

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To your health: What does that mean? Demystifying medical jargon

As you sit in your doctor’s office waiting for the results of your last medical test, you can’t help but be a little nervous about the results. What if something is wrong — how will that affect your health and your family? We’re all hoping that once the doctor starts talking you can breathe a […]

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To your health: Good oral care may benefit heart as well as teeth

I made a minor but painful error on Saturday morning. I stopped in Chicago on the way back from a business meeting to visit with my daughter, Kate, and her husband, Andy, and especially to play with Rowan who’s now just about a year and a half old. A staple of Saturday morning for Ro […]

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To your health: Introducing peanuts to infant diets may prevent allergies

Does it seem as if peanut allergy is everywhere? You can’t go to a school, day care, restaurant or indeed almost anywhere anything is drunk or eaten these days without being warned. There are very good reasons for this caution. In the last 20 years, peanut allergies have increased dramatically. From 1997 to 2010, rates […]

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Health center celebrates one-year anniversary with classes … and cake

WRIGHT TWP. — The Heath Center at Mountain Top has had a successful year, and now they’re thanking the community with a week-long celebration. Events kicked off Monday with a focus on heart health, with blood pressure screenings and an Ask the Doctor Q&A and will continue through a PACE information program Friday afternoon. According […]

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To your health: Sharing is caring unless it comes to prescription meds

Kate and her best-friend-for-life, Karen, met on the playground at school in Baltimore when Kate was 3 1/2 and, Karen, 4 1/2. They’ve been closer than most sisters ever since, and now, decades later, just happen to live miles apart in Chicago. Both have delightful little girls and little Mary’s and Rowan’s ages are just […]

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Misericordia social work students organize benefit for Dinners for Kids

Misericordia University, Dallas School District and Metz Culinary Management are reaffirming the old proverb “it takes a village to raise a child.” The Misericordia Social Work Program will hold the second Dinners for Kids Benefit from 4 to 8 p.m. March 26 at a Touch of Class Catering in Wilkes-Barre. The Dinner for Kids program […]

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To your health: How to incorporate clean eating into your diet

Nothing focuses one’s attention on the reasonableness of your own food choices like watching a first time mother (with a streak of obsessiveness) put together meals for her toddler who, left to her own devices, would eat anything even vaguely edible (like dog toys). Said daughter, I mean new mother, has generalized the campaign for […]

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To your health: Ladies, be aware of this rare heart disease

Last week I promised to write about an unusual cause of heart attacks in women. No it’s not leaving the toothpaste uncapped or the empty juice container in the fridge, or even putting the dark clothes in with the whites, it’s SCAD, spontaneous coronary artery dissection. Overall, this is a rare cause of heart attacks […]

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