House Republicans release bill aimed at replacing Obama health care law

WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Monday released their long-awaited plan for unraveling former President Barack Obama’s health care law, a package that would scale back the government’s role in helping people afford coverage and likely leave more Americans uninsured. House committees planned to begin voting on the 123-page legislation Wednesday, launching what could be the […]

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Erin Dougherty of Dallas lands gig as production assistant on ‘Bar Rescue’

For Erin Dougherty, a willingness to step outside of her comfort zone and never limit herself has opened doors. The 26-year-old Dallas resident turned a chance encounter into a reoccurring job working for 3 Ball Entertainment as a production assistant on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue,” which has a new season that premiered Feb. 19. The […]

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To your health: Heart attack symptoms differ in men and women

Vive la difference! Long live the difference, a phrase often used to celebrate the wonderful and intriguing ways women and men differ. I know I’m treading on thin ice here. No difference in rights for sure; no difference in pay for the same work — amen; no difference in opportunities at work, home and school […]

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West Pittston, Wilkes-Barre men benefit from life changing heart operations

For two local men, listening to their hearts has taken on a new and life-changing meaning. Bill Goldsworthy, of West Pittston, and Anthony Conyers, of Wilkes-Barre, experienced symptoms resulting from heart disease in 2015, and both men are living better, more active lifestyles due to procedures performed at General Hospital in Wilkes-Barre. Goldsworthy, 62, said […]

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To your health: 10 ways to love your heart this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Mary and I have just gotten back from a wonderful trip to the Highlands of Scotland. We first visited Great Britain in the 1990’s when Mary’s sister, Peggy, lived in London. We used the opportunity to tour around and fell in love with Scotland. Although this year’s been full of trips to […]

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To your health: Don’t be afraid to get your cholesterol checked

Happy American Heart Month! As promised we’re going to focus on heart health a little more intently than usual. Don’t forget, next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, so make your plans. I think Mary’s really going to be happy with mine; more about that next week. Sometimes numbers do matter. If you’ve recently had your cholesterol […]

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To your health: The difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest

It’s either one of my most admirable or most infuriating characteristics. Spin it positively and it’s why I’m a good surgeon; spin it negatively and it’s the cause of one of my and Mary’s standard disagreements. I’m persnickety, says her. I’m precise, says me. Getting it right, not close, but right, matters. Choosing the right […]

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To your health: Know the signs of silent heart attacks in women

I have been graced beyond all ability to measure by the presence of remarkable, strong and amazing women of all ages, in all parts of my life from my first breath to today. It’s no surprise that I’m distracted as I write this on Sunday by the TV in the background rolling images of crowds […]

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Cupid’s Chase 5K to benefit people with disabilities in Luzerne County

WILKES-BARRE — A new 5K run in Wilkes-Barre will give participants a chance to help the local branch of an organization that provides housing and job support to people with disabilities — and might give runners a chance to fall in love. Community Options will hold Wilkes-Barre’s first Cupid’s Chase 5K run at 10 a.m. […]

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To your health: There is still time to get your flu shot this season

Doesn’t it seem like everyone you know is sick? OK, maybe not everyone, but a lot of us. I’m not talking about the psychological “sick” that comes with cold, dreary, dark winter days, or the distress from political turmoil or international conflicts. There are at least three kinds of physical sicknesses floating about. First there’s […]

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