To your health: Sunscreen still needed even though the snow is now falling

I hope you and your family had a wonderful time this Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and/or Festivus! I think that about covers it. Mary and I spent time on Cape Cod, in Chicago, and here at home, and despite the logistic challenge in keeping all those trips straight, had a terrific holiday. Several colleagues […]

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To your health: Three safety tips for working outside in winter

It’s really important to use your wits and not just your brawn when you head out the door in the dead of winter for another day of work in freezing conditions. Whether you are delivering the mail, working construction or have another job that requires you to be outside during winter for long periods, you’re […]

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To your health: New Year’s resolutions: Why small changes make a big impact

One of the most satisfying parts of my professional life is knowing that very often the somewhat brief but incredibly intense involvement my team and I have with a patient and their families has a lasting positive effect on all. Certainly the improvement in stamina, reduction in symptoms and prolongation of life expectancy are marvelous […]

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E-bikes may be next step for bikers, next giant leap for the sport

WILKES-BARRE — The bikes of the future are upon us, and Around Town Bicycles is offering a free demonstration of what that ride will be like. The Specialized Turbo Levo is a mountain e-bike that assists riders looking for an extra boost. The Turbo Levo requires a rider to pedal to receive output from the […]

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Wyoming Valley Montessori School student receives priceless gift

KINGSTON — Thoughts of toys dance around most little girl’s heads during the holiday season, but for 8-year-old Haley Jacob, a new liver was on her list to Santa. In 2014, Haley was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, a disease that caused her body to attack its own liver. Haley’s parents Glen and Lisa administered medications […]

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To your health: Discuss your health history at holiday gatherings

Years ago a financial services person told me that the training her company put her through taught that it normally took about a dozen “touches” before a prospective client would finally bite the bullet and write a check for something she was “selling.” That certainly explains the behavior of some insurance agents, salespeople and an […]

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Geisinger study reports opioid therapy ineffective in treating chronic pain

Doctors within the Geisinger Health System suggests the use of opioid medication in treating chronic pain is ineffective and increases the risk of certain negative health factors including death. Mellar P. Davis, M.D., and Zankhana Mehta, M.D., are palliative care physicians — they work to relieve suffering and improve quality of life in patients at […]

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To your health: We are what we eat

I’ve written often over the years about the benefits of eating relatively unprocessed food; buying raw stuff and preparing or cooking it at home as opposed to eating canned peas, deli meats and Twinkies. There are so many experts advising us to avoid the chemicals and compounds used in many food products during processing, packaging […]

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Health Care Industry Event brings personal touch to job searching Dec. 14

WILKES-BARRE — Pennsylvania CareerLink is putting human connection back in the job searching process. The organization’s Health Care Industry Event takes place from 10 a.m. to noon Dec. 14 at the CareerLink building, 32 East Union St., linking 13 employers and three schools with potential employees from learning institutions and the general public in a […]

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You know you need to lose weight, but where do you start?

As winter approaches, a time when most of us add a few pounds due to the holidays and less activity, you’re probably thinking: “Great! I haven’t lost the few pounds I put on last winter.” And, as these “few” pounds make us a bit heavier every year, we find ourselves stuck in a rut. Some […]

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