Camp Bisco announces return to Scranton, initial lineup

Live entertainment promoter Live Nation announced today that Camp Bisco, the yearly festival of electronic and jam music, will return to The Pavilion at Montage Mountain and the surrounding grounds for its fourth consecutive year. The gathering, started in 1999 in Pennsylvania by festival founders the Disco Biscuits, has grown to become a three-day celebration […]

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Allentown artist Angela Fraleigh reimagines female role in traditional art

WILKES-BARRE — Throughout the history of fine art, the feminine nude has been a focal point of celebrated and iconic works. But has the female form been honored for its beauty, strength and splendor along this creative lineage, or has it been exploited by the patriarchal society that rendered these images? That is the question […]

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Review: Bistro on the Avenue

KINGSTON — After the busy holidays, reconnecting and lingering over dinner and drinks with a good friend is a wonderful way to spend a rainy January evening, especially when you decide to meet at Bistro on the Avenue, located at 174 United Penn Plaza in Kingston. This location has long been known for its cozy […]

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Life Deconstructed: Real love should be shown daily, not just on a holiday

I’m back, and I feel like I may be crankier than ever. Apologies in advance. I missed you all desperately. I love you. But you know what I don’t love? Valentine’s Day. This non-holiday is just a whole bunch of ludicrousness. What began as a day to honor Saint Valentine morphed into a tsunami of […]

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Barbershop Harmony Chorus quartets to deliver singing valentines on Feb. 14

JENKINS TWP. — Has Cupid ever driven through a blizzard to deliver a message of love? Has the winged god of love ever needed his vehicle pulled from a ditch on Valentine’s Day? Has he ever noticed hallways full of people crying happy tears because he stopped by? Maybe that cute little angel with the […]

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Review: Powerhouse Eatery

WHITE HAVEN — On a very cold Tuesday evening, my dining partner and I entered the Powerhouse restaurant in White Haven, conveniently located just off Interstate 80 at Exit 273. In what was once the building dedicated to producing the electrical supply for the growing White Haven Sanatorium and medical complex in the early 1900s, […]

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Amish Cook: Patience is a virtue and honey is a blessing

Patience. Perseverance. We all want it, but don’t necessarily want to take the path that it may take to get there. As a little girl, I really didn’t have an exceptional amount of patience. I remember when I was 12 or 13 years old, writing in my journal about how much I had a hard […]

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The key to hearty granola that you can eat by the handfuls

I have been a fan of homemade granola for as long as I can remember. I literally grew up with it as my mother made it way before it was a trend to do so. When I was in college, I would pack big tins of her granola to take back to school with me. […]

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Serve white bean soup with dumplings for a tasty winter meal

They say that everyone complains about the weather — winter especially — but no one ever does anything about it. Well, here’s something you can do that will make you feel much better. Cook up a big hot bowl of Italian soup for dinner, garnished with homemade — and idiot-proof — dumplings. Basically, this is […]

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Review: Oyster Restaurant

WILKES-BARRE — When entering the restaurant, I was greeted by what appeared to be the bartender and a waitress. I was waiting for my friend and decided to order a drink while waiting. The bartender and the Maitre D Darrel, suggested the Marilyn Monroe, a signature martini. This consisted of strawberry vodka and champagne, garnished […]

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