Your view: Too much hate aimed at our president

While President Trump was delivering his State of the Union address, I could not help noticing the sour demeanor Nancy Pelosi was displaying. I thought that perhaps she had accidentally swallowed a horsefly. This is the same negative Nancy who referred to Trump’s tax cuts as Armageddon and used the standard Democratic nonsense that the […]

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Their view: Fix the debt by fixing entitlements

Congress just passed a two-year bipartisan spending bill that will take our $20 trillion debt and start stuffing it with deficit dynamite until it finally explodes at some point and America’s wounded economy limps toward its death bed. That’s one prognostication, and it has a firm foundation if nothing is done to adjust Social Security, […]

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Their view: Trump’s pattern of behavior doomed to repeat

WASHINGTON — If the Trump White House had been around all those years ago, B. F. Skinner, the preeminent behaviorist of his day, might not have had to build his famous box. The White House is a psychologist’s treasure trove proving Skinner’s idea of operant theory — that reinforced action tends be repeated. Thus, Donald […]

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Their view: The U.S. is running out of truck drivers

Economists debate how close the U.S. is to full employment, but less often discussed is where the most crucial constraints are in the labor market. If we have a shortage of line cooks, the economy can adapt without even adding any new line cooks: The wages for existing line cooks would rise, and dining out […]

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Their view: Ecuador’s sound currency and sound decisions

We traveled to Ecuador to see the beautiful colonial city of Quito and learn about the curious animals of the Galapagos Islands. We learned much more. Not dissimilar from its northern neighbor Venezuela, Ecuador has experienced an economic growth spurt from its Amazon oil reserves beginning in the l970s. Revenue from oil raised the standard […]

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Their view: Military parade? Trump should lead from front

President Donald Trump has a vision of tanks rolling, planes flying, and troops marching down Pennsylvania Avenue as he stands erect surveying “his military” on the reviewing stand with the White House in the background. Now he has instructed the Pentagon to explore such a parade, the White House confirmed this week. The uniformed men […]

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Their view: Time for marker honoring county’s black history

One-hundred-and-sixty-five years ago, William Thomas, a runaway slave who settled in Wilkes-Barre, made history trying to protect his freedom from three federal marshals intent on returning him to slavery. The event resulted in a national controversy over state sovereignty in the prosecution of the federal Fugitive Slave Law and heightened the tensions between North and […]

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Their view: Money spent on Trump’s parade could be put to better use

WASHINGTON — What this country needs is a massive, costly, super-extravagant military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue with tanks, fighter flyovers, bands, horses and hundreds of uniformed high-stepping troops all saluting their commander-in-chief, Donald Trump. It would cost at least $22 million, divert training and be highly unpopular in the military, which considers such large displays […]

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Their view: Trump didn’t drive the market up, or down

Just as President Donald Trump had nothing to do with the stock market’s rise, despite the almost 60 boastful tweets he has posted about it since being elected, he has nothing to do with the recent stock crash. Instead, praise the machines – and blame them, too. Last year, Marko Kolanovic, global head of quantitative […]

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Their view: Not even Hoover could have cleaned up this FBI mess

WASHINGTON — For decades after 1924 the ominous shadow of J. Edgar Hoover loomed almost menacingly over the Federal Government, from Capitol Hill to the White House. The persnickety, demanding young lawyer who had been given charge of an ineffectual, lethargic Bureau of Investigation in the Justice Department was determined to build the premier law […]

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