Their view: A fruitful substitute for forbidden words

Washington’s corps of video-pundits celebrated 2017’s final daze by fixating on North Korea’s nukes, Republicans’ disarray and Democrats’ discombobulation. Then they eased seamlessly into their 2018 obsession over President Donald Trump’s “Fire and Fury,” as told by his fired and furious. But inside the traditionally cheerless chambers and cubicles of the federal bureaucracy, newly arrived […]

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Their view: Speculation about Trump’s mental health is offensive

I’ve not been shy in my criticism of President Trump’s candidacy or his first year in office. However, I draw the line at the public debate over his mental competence. Some were critical when I said on CNN on Saturday that I find it both unfair and unseemly. Recently an increasing number feel emboldened to […]

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Oprah for president? I have a better idea

Two things kept me from completely losing my mind during my first maternity leave: crossword puzzles and Oprah. Sometimes it took me an entire week to complete one puzzle — a Monday one at that. But if I could fill those squares, I figured, my brain wouldn’t be oatmeal by the time I was ready […]

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Their view: Energy dominance can bolster our national security

In one of the latest presidential tweets to make headlines, President Trump responded to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s nuclear button threat by saying he had an even bigger and more powerful one. Whether you love or loathe the president’s tweets, one must look beyond the 280-character count to assess the administration’s foreign policies. […]

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Their view: What one thing will make you complete?

Imagine yourself in “The Wizard of Oz” having been asked to sing right after the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. They belt out songs about how they want a brain, a heart and some courage, respectively. With wit, courage and heart, you’re suddenly under the spotlight, ready to launch into your own song. Naturally it […]

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Their view: The chutzpah of Samantha Power when it comes to Iran

My favorite example of chutzpah used to be the man who killed his parents and then, at his murder trial, threw himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan. Hilarious in the way of black comedy, it denotes a complete lack of self-awareness. This week, I got an even better example. Press secretary […]

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Their view: No one has been killed by Bigfoot, so we should thank Trump

President Donald Trump has had one of the most successful first years in office of any president in the history of America. I know this because White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said as much Tuesday: “I don’t think anyone can argue it’s probably one of the most successful first years in office.” Because […]

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Their view: Kids need a digital diet

According to a recent survey by the toy company Melissa & Doug, 70 percent of parents want their children to spend less time watching electronic media and 62 percent want them to spend less time on electronic devices. They are right. After all, studies show that screen time is associated with higher levels of obesity, […]

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Their view: Too early to handicap the 2018 elections? No!

All national elections are hyped as seminal. The midterms of 2018 are the real deal. If Democrats win at least one branch of Congress, there will be an investigative feast — with rich targets — of the ethically challenged administration of President Donald Trump, plus a check on presidential actions. If Republicans retain full control, […]

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Their view: How to support Iran’s protesters

With Iran experiencing its largest, most widespread protests in years, thoughts in the White House will inevitably turn to Iran’s 2009 “Green Movement,” sparked by what was widely considered to be the rigging of presidential elections by Iranian authorities that year. President Barack Obama’s administration, unsure how to help the protesters and reluctant to scuttle […]

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