To Your Health: Heart disease diagnosis to manage, not sentence to accept

It’s been an odd week for me. Passing a kidney stone while recuperating from a successful back operation has forced me to ratchet the normally crazy pace of life back a bit. Fortunately, with a great team at work, spectacular medical advisors and wonderful friends, I’ve been able to rest up a bit yet still […]

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Beyond the Byline: Movin’ on up

“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.” — Rodney Dangerfield WILKES-BARRE — The first time I ever moved from one home to another, it was the worst of times. It was 1969, about one year after my mom had died. My dad and I were still calling […]

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To Your Health: TAVR procedure offers valve relief for high-risk patients

I’m writing this on Sunday evening in Chicago after visiting with my granddaughters Rowan, 28 months old, and Eve, now just 10 weeks old. It’s been a true delight spending time with them and seeing how beautifully my daughter, Kate, and her husband, Andy, are doing raising these wonderful kids. My darling wife, Mary, has […]

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Remember When: Puzzles, board games taught valuable life lessons

There they lay before me – thousands of little pieces. Oh, how would I ever assemble them? I didn’t want to look like a klutz in front of my family. But the task looked nigh unto impossible. I’ll tell you, those massive jigsaw puzzles we amused ourselves with back in the 1950s could be intimidating. […]

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Legislators unveil legislation to protect babies with Down syndrome

WILKES-BARRE — House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, and Rep. Judy Ward, R-Blair, this week introduced House Bill 2050, which would prohibit the abortion of a child due solely to a diagnosis of possible Down syndrome. This week Gerber introduced the world to Lucas Warren, who was selected as the 2018 Gerber baby. Lucas is a […]

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To Your Health: How to avoid getting sick while traveling on vacation

You’ve done all the planning, pored over all the details, and you’re finally ready for the perfect vacation. Your flight went well; your hotel is wonderful; and everything seems perfect. But not so fast … not long into your vacation, your throat starts to hurt. When you wake up the next morning, your nose is […]

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To Your Health: Heart disease reversible with Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

Heart disease is serious, and it may seem like once you’re diagnosed with it, or you suffer a heart attack, you’ll never be “healthy” again. Heart disease is responsible for one in four deaths each year — and it’s the leading cause of death in both men and women when it goes untreated. However, with […]

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Remember When: Biodegradable straws caused less litter and more humor

You sippers of soda, iced tea and water had better unite before it’s too late. Your drinking straws are endangered. That’s right! A public official out in California wants to take those little plastic devices away from you and (since there’s no other way to do it) make you start drinking straight out of the […]

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Beyond the Byline: Protect the unprotected

WILKES-BARRE — Former West Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy was standing on the Water Street Bridge earlier this week with current Mayor Tom Blaskiewicz, staring at the massive ice jam on the Susquehanna River. The two men, like all West Pittston residents, were concerned about what could happen if the ice didn’t soon break up and […]

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To Your Health: Four signs that you might need a mental health day

With the holidays behind us and daylight lengthening ever so gradually, you’d think we’d all be feeling great. Yet the ravages of a severe flu season, unpredictable winter weather, government shutdowns, and so many other shared and personal challenges keep our stress levels high. In ancient times, our bodies’ stress responses helped humans avoid or […]

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