Barletta remains optimistic about ‘pro-American immigration reform’

WILKES-BARRE — In a recent interview with Breitbart News, U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta said he remains optimistic about Congress’s chance to pass pro-American immigration reform. “Well you know, for me this is one of the reasons that I am here in Washington right now,” Barletta told Breitbart News. “I have been fighting this issue back […]

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Remember When: Retracing domestic history through old WB neighborhood

You can’t go home again? Actually, sometimes you can. At least if the old house is still there and you’re not interrupting anyone’s dinner. If it’s not … well, more about that in a bit. A few years ago, I managed to get inside the house where we’d lived in Wilkes-Barre’s Rolling Mill Hill section […]

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Remember When: Cold, shortages, war overcome during Christmas, 1917

Heavy traffic and long checkout lines getting on your nerves as the Christmas shopping season moves into high gear? Ready to scream because the store was out of that humongous TV you wanted? Oh, poor us! If you’d been around in December of 1917, you’d really have had something to complain about — actually three […]

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Capitol Roundup: Some tips on how to avoid charity scams during the holidays

WILKES-BARRE — The holidays inspire selflessness and charitable giving in many individuals, but unscrupulous scam artists may view that generosity as an opportunity to line their own pockets. As part of Holiday Scam Protection Week, the Department of Banking and Securities is joining the Department of State to advise consumers to look out for signs […]

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Beyond the Byline: A caroling we must go

WILKES-BARRE — So when was the last time you had carolers outside your door? I’ll bet it’s been a while — a long while at that. Caroling seems to have become a lost art. I can remember back in the day when carolers were everywhere — in courthouse rotundas, department store toy departments, bank lobbies, […]

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Remember When: Do-it-yourself decorating in Christmas seasons past

“So what do you think?” asked my buddy Alner, displaying his Christmas purchases. “Look at this. It’s a drone that flies around the house flashing red and green lights. Isn’t that neat for the holidays?” I sighed. “Far be it from me to diss technology, Alner. But there is something to be said for a […]

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On Thanksgiving and every day, always give thanks

WILKES-BARRE — On Thanksgiving 2017, I wonder if we all really get what the big day and celebration is all about. Some say it all began as a celebration of the great harvest, while others say it was an event that marked the Pilgrims survival in America. Whatever the “real meaning” of Thanksgiving is or […]

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Remember When: Neighborhood shopping districts had everything for holidays

With Black Friday nearly upon us, are any of you folks thinking “Oh, no — I’m still recovering from last Christmas and all the running around?” Believe it or not, through much of the last century, you generally didn’t have to travel downtown or to a mall to buy what you needed for holidays, or […]

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Remember When: Shopping was different with a ration book

My buddy Alner was looking really peeved as he unloaded his car. “Why so glum?” I asked. “Looks like you just had a good shopping trip.” “Here I am, trying to get ready for Thanksgiving,” he said. “I had to go to five stores and I still couldn’t get everything I wanted. And the parking […]

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Remember When: Scary movies of the past made your knees knock

Miss the old scary Halloween of your youth? Take heart. Ask yourself what this great holiday is really all about. Is it winning the neighbors’ approval with half-mile-long strings of pumpkin lights and a giant inflatable cat? No; of course not. It’s about getting the bejabbers scared out of you, just like when you were […]

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