Their view: Oprah for president? Have we learned nothing?

We don’t know whether the idea of Oprah Winfrey for president, inspired by Winfrey’s eloquent speech Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards, will prove an ephemeral excitation or a movement with staying power. But we find it depressing. We mean no disrespect to Winfrey, who strikes us as much better informed and more intellectually curious […]

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Our view: Time to end despicable gerrymandering

It may be that we take it as a practice as loopy as its name. “Gerrymandering” sounds like something from kid’s fiction (“The lad’s called this particular type of lark “gerrymandering”), or a fantastic beast in the mind of a 5-year-old (“She was sure the speckled giant in the dark garden was a real gerrymander!” […]

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Our view: Diamonds for helping keep history alive

Diamonds to Luzerne County for providing community development money to the Sophia Coxe Memorial Foundation and Education Center ($65,000) and Greater Hazleton Historical Society and Museum ($21,750). Yes, it’s a drop in the canyon of this county’s historic preservation needs (see Wilkes-Barre’s Irem Temple, poster child for preservation demand), but it’s symbolic in a large […]

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Our view: Dress for cold, and the weather is not that bad

As you shiver and cuss through the current cold spell, some warming thoughts. OK, maybe not so much “warming” thoughts, and more like “it could be worse” thoughts. At least you are not in Oymyakon, Russia, which hit a balmy 48 below zero early Tuesday morning, and climbed to minus 24 degrees as the day […]

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Our view: New Year’s: Time to reflect, time to plan

Happy New Year! It’s about time! No, not it’s about time as in “It’s about time (X) happened.” Rather, it’s about time as in “New Year’s Day is about the concept of time.” Today manages to reflect almost any aspect of the concept you can consider. A new beginning? Sure, especially to those who feel […]

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Our view: New Year’s isn’t only time for resolutions

Why is a resolution made Jan. 1 supposed to have any more success than one made May 8, Aug. 14 or Dec. 28? The New Year’s Resolution tradition may be one of the biggest gimmicks in human history. While born of noble intent, they routinely suffer a fatal flaw of high expectations announced on a […]

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Our view: Diamonds for keeping music of season alive

Diamonds to Wyoming Area Catholic School and all the other schools, institutions and volunteers who kept the tradition of singing Christmas Carols alive in multiple venues before a wide range of audiences this year. The Wyoming Area Catholic students sang at Wesley Village’s Partridge-Tippett nursing facility, but there were and typically are many such events. […]

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Their view: Obamacare is proving hard to kill

Despite the best efforts of the president and the Republican-controlled Congress, the Affordable Care Act is proving extremely difficult to kill. A record number of people have signed up for health insurance through the Washington state exchange during this fall’s ACA enrollment period. About 230,000 people have signed up so far—an incredible 35 percent increase […]

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Their view: Twitter’s haphazard purge

Neo-Nazis are no longer welcome on Twitter – or, at least, some are not. That is the murky message the social media platform has so far sent in enforcing its new rules to reduce hateful and abusive content. Twitter announced the policy change in November and started suspending violators this month. Executives are right that […]

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Their view: A new frontier of cruelty on the border?

Families and unaccompanied children detained at the Mexican border are often fleeing horrific conditions in Central American countries, especially El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, where violent gangs, drug trafficking and rampant criminality contribute to some of the world’s highest murder rates. Now the Trump administration, alarmed at the recent surge in border crossers, is considering […]

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