Their view: Republican dodge on Moore aims to save majority

In 1979, Roy Moore, then a 32-year-old assistant district attorney in Alabama, allegedly brought a 14-year-old girl to his home alone. She told The Post that Moore served her alcoholic drinks, kissed her and undressed her. Moore reportedly pursued relationships with three other teenagers between 16 and 18 during that same time period. Such predatory […]

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Our view: City is wise to spend on police review

This space has been used on several occasions to call on the Wilkes-Barre City administration, police chief and rank-and-file officers to hash out their differences and end the acrimony that has perforated the city’s thin blue line under Mayor Tony George’s tenure. In that light, declaring the authorization of an outside review of the situation […]

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Their view: Tread lightly on opioid lawsuit

It is easy, and to some extent certainly fair, to laud Luzerne County’s lawsuit against opioid manufacturers and wholesalers. The suit’s fundamental contention is readily embraced: Big pharma helped cause the crisis by pushing modern prescription pain killers as safe from addiction woes. As Jennifer Learn Andes reported in Thursday’s paper, the suit contends the […]

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Voter apathya death knellof democracy

If you fear tyranny creeping into America, it already has, and Luzerne County exposed the rule of the few in stark terms Tuesday. It is not despots and demagogues who shackle us. It isn’t autocrats or monarchs who repress our will and impose theirs. No dictator has seized power forcibly. The takeover has been far […]

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Our view: A sincere thanks to Buffett and Guard Insurance

An open invitation to Warren Buffett Mr. Buffet, You’re a busy man with a massive business empire to run, so the big news here may not even have blipped on your radar, but many, many thanks all the same. Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance has not only decided to stay here in downtown Wilkes-Barre, it has […]

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Our View: Festival is a win-win for everyone

Diamonds to Wilkes-Barre Area School District for the seventh successful Harvest Festival held Friday at Heights Murray Elementary School. The festival is family help disguised with food and fun, and was a smart idea from the start. The district offers free turkey dinners, snacks, games, music and chances to win gift baskets, all while helping […]

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Their view: A solid choice for Fed chair

President Donald Trump on Thursday nominated Jerome Powell to chair the Federal Reserve. Second only to the Supreme Court, selecting who will lead the Fed may be the most important appointment a president makes. Though we would have preferred to see current Fed Chair Janet Yellen retained for a second term, Powell is a good […]

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Our view: It’s time to do something about the opioid crisis

In light of Luzerne County’s many budget issues, it’s easy to let it slip through the cracks — or in this case, through the prison bars. But the request for a $467,000 increase in the county’s correctional services budget is hardly chump change, and division head Mark Rockovich’s primary justification can feel particularly unsettling. Rockovich […]

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Our view: Be sure to have a frightfully fun Halloween

There is a soulless mind out there dedicating every moment of every day to scaring you. It does not sleep, it does not need food, and it lurks just out of your sight at home and at work, eagerly following you almost everywhere you go. It is Shelley, and yes, it was deliberately named after […]

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Their view: Legislature should look to compromise not gaming revenue

Place your bets and pull the lever, spin the wheel, pick your numbers or deal the cards. Your choice of gambling venues has become irrelevant. The safest bet in Pennsylvania is not in the casinos, lottery cards, pony tracks or any other odds-making opportunity. If you want the lock of locks, bet on this every […]

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