Letter to the Editor: Turn your grocery store triumphs into a boon for local food banks

To everyone who has been bitten with extreme coupon clipping, as I have, please check the shelf life that is marked on items you buy. Being excited about a bargain can be a wonderful opportunity for you to share your savings with charitable organizations. For example: Stocking tons of canned soups, vegetables and fruits in […]

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Letter to the Editor: Gov. Tom Wolf glosses over biggest source of new revenue: sales and income tax hikes

Gov. Tom Wolf, during a recent appearance in Larksville, declared, “We have a serious set of choices facing us, and democracy is about choices.” Unfortunately for Pennsylvania’s hardworking taxpayers, our governor refuses to respond to those choices with serious solutions. Wolf’s visit to State Street Elementary was intended to gin up support for a budget […]

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Letter to the Editor: End ‘witch hunt’ against mayor hopeful Tony George, daughter says

The mark of a great man isn’t always getting everything right. The mark of a great man is one who works hard at everything he does, acknowledges his flaws and learns valuable lessons from the mistakes he makes. I am writing on behalf of the greatest man I know, my father Tony George. Earlier this […]

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Letter to the Editor: Donald Trump’s disrespect of POW riles this writer

I am not a veteran, but I have great patriotism for U.S. military personnel whether living or deceased. How can you condemn U.S. Sen. John McCain for being a POW for five years in Vietnam? I have no idea what he or any other POW from any war that involved Americans went through. First, there […]

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Letter to the Editor: Expand Pennsylvania families’ access to pre-kindergarten programs

As a parent whose children benefited from a high-quality pre-kindergarten program, I know firsthand how it can help young learners and why Pennsylvania’s leaders need to increase funding for it. My two boys had the opportunity to attend Luzerne County Head Start during the 2014-15 school year at the Back Mountain Center. The staff made […]

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Letter to the Editor: Wilkes-Barre mayoral hopeful Frank Sorick extends invitation to campaign event

All citizens of Wilkes-Barre are invited to attend my campaign kickoff fundraiser from 4 to 6 p.m. this Saturday at Norm’s Pizza, 275 N. Sherman St. I’ve been very adamant about not accepting campaign contributions from those who would seek favors from elected officials; for this reason, I am seeking volunteers and/or small donations ($25 […]

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Letter to the Editor: Ensure students vaccinated before start of school year

With the start of school just around the corner, the Pennsylvania departments of Health and Education are deeply concerned that not all children in the commonwealth will be fully vaccinated before the start of classes. In most states, children are required to have all recommended immunizations prior to entering school. However, current Pennsylvania regulations allow […]

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Letter to the Editor: Blitz marketplace with warnings about ‘spice’

Although this “spice” epidemic should be on the ones who are causing it by using it, the synthetic drug is not going to go away because they stop. The only reasons I can think of for using it: 1) They are ignorant as to what these chemicals are doing to them. 2) They are down-and-out […]

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Letter to the Editor: College graduates flee area because of insultingly low wages

A recent news article stated that only one-quarter of the area’s college graduates will even look for a job here. Only a day earlier, in the classifieds, was the reason why. Offset Paperback advertised for the position of “maintenance mechanic.” Job requirements included PLC skills, computer skills and electrical. The pay rate is $17.77 per […]

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Letter to the Editor: Heroic pilot Lou Lenart’s life story deserving of wider audience

Lou Lenart died on July 20 in Israel. Who was Lou Lenart? Lou, who grew up in Wilkes Barre, as I did, was a U.S. Marine pilot during World War II and, after that war, helped the fledgling Israeli Air Force. He is credited with saving Tel Aviv from annihilation by the Egyptian Army during […]

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