Your view: Legalized marijuana is a bad idea

The statement in the article about Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale advocating for the legalization of marijuana, noting that the “train is steaming down the tracks full bore,” is probably correct. Our legislators are probably drooling over the possibility of a new sin tax to fund their pet projects. However, this writer is confused about […]

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Your View: Community leaders voice support for Navient

As leaders and members of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we write to voice our support for our friends, neighbors and family members who are employed at Navient, a company that traces its roots in the community to three decades ago. Navient is a major employer in the region and contributes much to our community. Navient has generously […]

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Your view: Understanding government shutdowns

What does the term “government shutdown” mean to you? It could mean the federal government is being run by a bunch of incompetents, or it could mean the Pennsylvania Legislature is at it again. Either one would be correct. You see, neither group seems able to draft a budget that will actually pass its own […]

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Your view: A true view of the national debt

I think it is important to understand the complicated nature of our economy. A recent letter stated, “the national debt went from 10.7 trillion to $ 19.6 trillion during the previous administration.” This infers that it was that administrations policies that caused the increase. That figure is correct if you only look at the deficit […]

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Your view: Speed cameras, radar a bad deal

The object of speed cameras and radar is not the facilitation of safe, efficient travel but rather the issuance of as many tickets as possible. First, officials impose deliberately unrealistic, under-posted speed limits on most roads in order to frustrate and criminalize virtually all drivers all the time. The law in Pennsylvania requires that posted […]

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Your view: Thanks for help with Toys for Tots

This note is to publicly thank all who contributed to the U.S. Marine Corp Reserve Toys for Tots campaign this Christmas season. This year marked the 13th consecutive year that our store participated in this program. The UPS Store at the Midway Shopping Center also took part in the Marine Corp Literacy Program where every […]

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Your view: Trump tax cut will help all Americans

I would like to pose a question to those who think that President Donald Trump’s tax plan will only benefit the rich. Why are you so afraid of economic growth for the United States? There were three major tax cuts in American history. In all cases the result was growth in the economy, middle class […]

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Their view: Fight Trump on enviromental issues

Donald Trump has spent 2017 fomenting hate, misogyny, climate change denial, xenophobia and fear. And it was only his first year in office. What will the future look like after a full four-year term? From appointing climate change denier Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA, to announcing his intention to pull the U.S. out […]

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Your view: Don’t turn a blind eye to abortion

I was born in 1939. Naturally I do not recall any memories of WWII. I can remember, in my very young years, however, questioning, wondering and unable to understand how the Germans and all others near the crematoriums and horrible death camps did not know — did not respond — that more than 6 million […]

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Your view: A Christmas season to remember

We have just completed 2017. I have pleasant memories to relate. I have met and talked to the Polish Pope during his last years of pontificate. We have elected Donald Trump as our president. I became friends with our local Mennonites. During this Christmas season our church group had dinner and fellowship. Each person was […]

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