Your view: Thanks to first responders, staff at St. Luke’s

We would like to offer our sincere heartfelt thanks to supervisory and working staff at St. Luke’s Villa for all their efforts. On Friday September 8 at noon, we experienced a fire on the 3rd floor. Automatic sprinklers did their job . Lack of power to elevators, lights, telephone and many other functions were prevalent. […]

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Your view: Environment must be protected

Here we are in September with the Pennsylvania budget still unfinished. While I am not surprised by this lack of progress, I am concerned that some of our elected officials have been willing to include devastating anti-environmental legislation in budget bills to date. Specifically, the state Senate proposed a number of bills that put our […]

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Your view: Show respect for flag, anthem

Seeing how people, especially in the sports world, are refusing to stand for the national anthem is very disrespectful. I can understand what those that returned from the Viet Nam war must have felt. I almost wish I never served nine years in the Army for these people. I do respect people having the right […]

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Your view: Keep White Haven Center open

Today there is an effort to close the White Haven Center. For those who need it — they don’t want it — they need it. I remember taking kids out to fly a kite or watch someone fly a kite, blow bubbles or just sit there and simply watch. I worked in Pocono Hall for […]

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Your view: Controller has hotline for county residents

I’d like to share to all the readers this letter about a great resource available in the Luzerne County Controller’s Office. In 2014, my staff and I set up a hotline — CESIL – “Citizens and Employee Suggestion and Idea Line” — so that any Luzerne County employee or resident can have a voice. CESIL […]

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Your view: Catholic Church moved too fast in case of alleged misused funds

The Catholic Diocese of Scranton yelled fire too soon when one of its flock was accused of misuse of charitable funds. The diocese embarrassed the church, St. Ignatius and the people of the Catholic faith. It should have handled this problem as a in-house problem. No district attorney is going to bring charges for this […]

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Your view: Support elimination of school property taxes

I live in the Abington Heights School District, which is currently enduring a school teacher’s strike. These labor disputes pit residents, teachers and school boards against each other. Teachers want to be fairly compensated but property owners don’t want to see their property taxes increased yet again. In Pennsylvania, approximately 10,000 people each year lose […]

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Your view: Pashinski wrong about budget proposal

State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski in “Robbing agricultural funds no way to balance the budget,” criticizes the Republican state budget proposal despite its efforts to protect taxpayers and the agricultural programs he strongly supports. The budget proposal redirects money from unassigned, growing savings accounts to eliminate the deficit and balance the budget without tax hikes. […]

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Does Sanders’ plan have a shot?

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan, unveiled last week, is an ambitious and (to many) enticing idea: a single, government-run health plan with generous benefits for everyone — just like most industrialized countries have enjoyed for decades. If only it were feasible in today’s United States. Alas, Sanders’ proposal is a pony without a […]

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Your view: Leave ‘Kids for Cash’ judge in jail

The disgraced, former judge that championed the harshest, most severe , most punitive action against children for minor infractions once again seeks to embarrass Luzerne County with his pathetic pleas of “not me.” This embarrassing felon told children and their parents they needed no legal representation in his courtroom, basically leaving them defenseless, and then […]

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