Your view: Kingston officials should be proud of leadership

I have received my county and Kingston tax bill. The total amount is $1,187 and out of that amount Kingston only receives $244 dollars. The rest goes to the county. How does Kingston provide, police and fire protection, trash, recycle pickup, street sweeping, snow plowing, etc for such a small amount of the bill? The […]

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Your view: Court redoing congressional map wrong

Two wrongs don’t make a right. I learned that in grade school. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court correctly identified our current congressional districts as gerrymandered; then it did wrong by drawing its own map. And it is wrong for many reasons: • The Pennsylvania Constitution gives this authority strictly to lawmakers, not judges. In fact, no […]

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Their view: Plenty of value in spring break service trips

A few of the daffodils are breaking through to see the sun and soon it will be warm again. On campus, it is a sign that we have reached spring break. Back in the day, when I was young, spring break meant one of two things. For students with unlimited resources, it meant going south […]

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Their view: China stands to gain from steel tariffs

If Donald Trump was aiming at China with his lofty proposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, he’s a terrible marksman. Not only will Chinese leaders likely brush off the measures. They have good reason to embrace them. China is unquestionably the big, bad wolf of the global steel industry. With roughly ten times the […]

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Their view: Trump hands out jobs like mints to loyal friends

WASHINGTON — Hope Hicks, a former model who handled public relations for Ivanka Trump’s purses and shoes, is now Donald Trump’s longest-serving top aide, attending top-level White House decision-making meetings and crafting communications policy. She testified to Congress this week that she sometimes has been required to tell “white lies” as part of her job. […]

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Their view: The data are in: Strong gun laws work

The day after the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Fla., House Speaker Paul Ryan sounded a cautious note: “I think as public policy makers, we don’t just knee-jerk before we even have all of the facts and the data.” It’s a common refrain from politicians opposed to strengthening gun laws: They […]

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Their view: Trump keeps playing the same resentment card

Just two months into 2018, President Donald Trump is beset with scandals. His White House is more dysfunctional than ever. He’s used vulgar language to describe poor countries and faulted Barack Obama instead of Vladimir Putin for Russian meddling in the 2016 election. And he’s continued to lie about pretty much everything. Yet his standing […]

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Their view: A Higher Education Act rewrite that benefits students, taxpayers and the workforce

Congress is preparing to rewrite the Higher Education Act, also know as the HEA, the landmark legislation passed in 1965 that signaled the federal government was committed to college access for all. The program has not been revised since 2008, so a thoughtful update is in order. Federal support for higher education is substantial. In […]

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Their view: Will we ever defend our kids?

WASHINGTON — At best the children’s crusade to remove the battlefield weapons from our streets (and schools) is a very long shot, but a noble one that gives the nation the first slim chance to resolve the escalating crises of how to prevent another massacre. If the candle of despair over what has become a […]

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Their view: Graham: A man who lived a Christian life

On a cool Tuesday night in October 1958, the Rev. Billy Graham walked onto a stage at the Charlotte Coliseum for the 26th sermon of a five-week Charlotte crusade. “Tonight,” he began, “I want to talk on how to live the Christian life.” More than 13,000 people had jammed the arena to see the young […]

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