Their view: New name, same commitment to service at Northeast Sight Services

It is with such incredible excitement and enthusiasm to announce that the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind turns 100 this year. With our centennial comes so much opportunity – both to celebrate the past 100 years of serving our community and also to plan for our next 100. And so much has happened in […]

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Their view: Looking for the facts in Trump’s words

Our president treats the press as if they’re in the middle of a creepy marital argument. He tells his friends that journalists are nasty, disrespectful little con artists who are interested only in betraying him. Journalists are telling their side of the story, offering details about a moody and undisciplined man’s ignorance and superficiality. Have […]

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Their view: Taxes are good. No, really

It’s not that we’re overtaxed, despite what you may have read in other, less sensible publications. Really, we don’t pay enough in taxes, not if we want to keep having nice things. And that’s a bit of a sticky wicket, given that our infrastructure is deteriorating, that too many of our cities are struggling to […]

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Their view: Freedom Caucus in spotlight as shutdown looms

The House Freedom Caucus styles itself as the principled champion of limited government and the rule of law. More often, its members are partisan gunslingers, attack dogs during President Barack Obama’s administration and lap dogs for President Donald Trump. That’s personified by the two leaders of this right-wing contingent of about three dozen House Republicans: […]

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Their view: On MLK Day, acknowledge the past to improve US future

To truly honor Martin Luther King’s legacy, it is important for us not only to celebrate the progress that the civil rights movement made possible but also to grapple with the full truth of our nation’s history, to acknowledge the inequities with which our society still struggles and to recognize our individual responsibility for social […]

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Their view: Walls don’t work

WASHINGTON — Building walls to keep your neighbor out or you in is not a viable solution to anything in the modern world. If the Berlin Wall taught us anything, that was it. It is just a plain and simple stupid idea and an enormously expensive one. How costly? Donald Trump now says it is […]

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Their view: A remarkable story of generosity

A couple of days before Christmas, I got to witness and be part of something remarkable. Each year, there are thousands of individuals from throughout the Wyoming Valley who support the powerful work of the United Way. We are grateful to every single donor and, for decades, we have held an incentive drawing to recognize […]

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Their view: DACA kids are victims of political system that thinks in exaggerations

I don’t know if it has to do with my Catholic upbringing, or the fact that I’m an Eagles fan, but I’ve always had an acute appreciation for victims of circumstance. As a child I was taught to care for “the least of these,” which is probably why I am so fervently anti-abortion. Those who […]

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Their view: Letting go of life’s trivial baggage at 61

How old is old? Be careful before answering: I have a horse in this race. I’m turning 61 and I still consider myself too energetic, too lively and too frisky to be regarded as a mare. I prefer to regard myself as a filly. But I might be closer to being a nag. I’m just […]

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Their view: ‘Dreamers’ are people, not bargaining chips

There may have been a heartening glimmer out of the White House on Tuesday on a possible deal to protect the so-called Dreamers from deportation while moving Congress toward comprehensive immigration reform. But the glimmer could also have been a magician’s trick. The devil, as they say, will be in the details — and unfortunately, […]

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