Their view: Look what Trump has done to a once-proud party

For decades, the Republican Party was known for defending free trade, insisting on constitutional strictures, preaching civic virtue and family values, and articulating a tough international posture, the latter especially during the Cold War. If you now are a sincere free trader, believe in not just originalism but the ethos of the rule of law […]

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Their view: We can’t change the facts on addiction

PHILADELPHIA — I recently read a commentary by someone who urged us to stop using the word “addict,” because it somehow stigmatizes drug users. We were told not to talk about injection sites, because these city-sanctioned alternatives to the street are not just for heroin users. We were asked to limit the use of needle […]

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Their view: Reform congressional maps now

Since my first experience with map drawing back in 2001, it was apparent that partisanship plays too large a role in our redistricting effort. The recent decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court discarding the congressional maps merely serves to reaffirm this position. The General Assembly has long had the tools to fix the issue once […]

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Their view: Anti-Trump author hates getting hit

Mika Brzezinski is right now looking good, even if she did not come out so well in a recent “Saturday Night Live” sketch that poked satirical fun at her as more a mindless toady than a journalist while portraying her partner, Joe Scarborough, as self-absorbed. The two host MSNBC’s commentary show “Morning Joe,” and part […]

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Their view: Some Super Bowl TV ads are worth the price

A 30-second ad that airs during this weekend’s Super Bowl, viewed by an estimated 100 million Americans, will cost more than $5 million. Does that amount to overpriced entertainment, or do these ads generate big sales? In many cases, it seems the ads more than pay for themselves. Many marketing experts say Super Bowl ads […]

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Their view: President Trump’s task — to fulfill vow to unify the nation

A State of the Union speech functions as a national snapshot: A reflection of America, in the president’s view. The actual picture rarely is as clear, particularly with a president this mercurial and circumstances this strained. President Donald Trump delivered his first address Tuesday in a caldron of partisan controversy, stoked most strongly by the […]

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Their view: Hillary Clinton and I are done

It’s been the longest relationship of my life as a voter, and as a writer on culture and politics. But after last week, and the revelation that she failed to take her campaign manager’s advice and fire an aide accused of sexual harassment in 2008, Hillary Clinton and I are done. And to be honest, […]

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Their view: Expect an artificial annual address

The State of the Union address, which President Trump is scheduled to give on Tuesday, offers most presidents a rich political opportunity. They can use the occasion to announce their agenda for the year ahead; they can make a sales pitch for favorite legislation; they can rally supporters or reach out to critics. They can […]

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Their view: Trump sells America First at Davos

As 3,000 top businessmen and political leaders awaited Donald Trump’s speech at the Davos World Economic Forum on Friday, my mind flashed back to Davos in the early 2000s when those who denounced multilateral trade deals and institutions were outliers. In 2000 and 2001, I watched cadres of scruffy anti-globalization protesters march up Davos’ narrow […]

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Their view: The urgent case for redistricting reform

The electorate should applaud the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent decision if we genuinely want to “Make America Great Again.” The high court found the state’s GOP-drawn congressional districts violate the state Constitution, and ordered all 18 districts redrawn in the next few weeks. The creation of highly partisan, gerrymandered congressional districts may well be the […]

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