Our Opinion: Allow hope to supplant your fears

In a word, the reason presidential candidate Donald Trump did so well among many Luzerne County voters is this: fear. Fear remains among the most powerful of human motivators, and the Republican masterfully capitalized on it throughout his campaign, particularly during the doomsday scenario painted at the political party’s convention in Ohio. “Our convention occurs […]

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Our Opinion: Kindergarten student provides peers with valuable lesson

Diamonds to 5-year-old Ayla Spinelli and her kindergarten teacher, Maria Unice. The duo recently held awareness-raising activities for Ayla’s classmates at Solomon/Plains Elementary in Plains Township, explaining Ayla’s rare genetic disorder. Epidermolysis bullosa, or EB, makes the skin especially fragile, sometimes leading to blisters, cuts and serious complications. Now Ayla’s situation – which prohibits her […]

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Our Opinion: Pursue solutions to homelessness in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Consider Nick and Terri, a homeless couple profiled in the Times Leader one bitter December day in 2004. Their story is old and complicated, but it’s as timeless as the human conditions spotlighted throughout this week, National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Nick and Terri set up camp near the railroad tracks behind what was […]

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Our Opinion: Donate to causes that make this community stronger, residents’ lives better

Give locally. In the coming weeks, as “the season of giving” gains steam, you’ll probably be asked to donate to dozens of worthwhile causes. On the sidewalk, bell ringers will ding-a-ling, signalling a desire to accept your extra bills and coins. Store clerks will ask if you care to contribute spare change to support a […]

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Our Opinion: Sex trade’s victims in NEPA too often ignored or treated solely as criminals

You don’t want to believe it. Human trafficking – essentially a modern-day form of slavery that entraps women and girls for use as prostitutes – sounds so abhorrent, it couldn’t possibly be happening in Pennsylvania, much less our corner of the commonwealth, could it? Regrettably, that’s a naive and wrong view. At a conference scheduled […]

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Our Opinion: Pennsylvania late to embrace early voting

Would it be a good idea to … … allow early voting in Pennsylvania? Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia already give their residents the option of registering their political choices prior to Election Day. As a result, in the presidential race pitting eventual winner Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, early voting was estimated […]

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Our Opinion: Division, not President-elect Donald Trump, represents most significant threat to nation’s future

Not my president. How many times since Wednesday morning has that floated across your Facebook feed or been dropped into general conversation? Chances are, more than once. It isn’t new. T-shirts and bumper stickers have carried the same message about George Bush, Barack Obama and, now, President-elect Donald Trump. In fairness, the same thing was […]

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Our Opinion: Area’s topflight teachers merit more time in limelight

Diamonds to teacher Kevin Sickle. Recognized this week as Wilkes University’s “Educator of the Year,” the fifth-grade instructor of math, science and social studies at Heights-Murray Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre serves as a reminder of the hundreds of well-intentioned, hardworking teachers who work wonders in area classrooms. These topflight teachers far outnumber the duds we […]

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Our Opinion: Recognize quiet heroism of nation’s veterans

There is a unique place where myth intersects reality, where the transcendent hero we love to read about in books or watch in movies walks the mundane world in real time, routinely overlooked. It is a place occupied by those who serve in our military, a place known to the veterans we honor on Friday, […]

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Our Opinion: President-elect Donald Trump has opportunity to find common ground

For the nation’s sake and his success in the next four years, President-elect Donald Trump cannot waste any time in establishing common ground with his detractors – in and out of the Republican Party. The skill had eluded candidate Trump, who during his campaign had been scathing and sometimes savage toward anyone perceived as an […]

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