Our Opinion: You voted, but that’s not the end of your obligation; stay involved

As Election Day results get dissected and digested by voters throughout the region, there will be hoopla and heartache. But will there be any hint of the hoped-for improvement on the horizon? The promise of any U.S. presidential election – including ones like this, preceded by unusually high amounts of mud-tossing – is that circumstances […]

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Our Opinion: Voters, it’s in your hands today (but here are some resources for guidance)

It’s your turn. Put aside what the pundits, political ads and pollsters have told you to believe, and vote Tuesday for the candidates who – in your judgment – will best represent you. And, no, abstaining from your civic duty because you “don’t like the candidates” should not be considered a viable excuse on Election […]

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Our Opinion: Strengthen town-gown relationship to help make Wilkes-Barre flourish

Would it be a good idea to … … foster the college town concept in Wilkes-Barre by establishing a large and high-profile town-gown advisory committee? In many cities with a significant college presence, members of the community (the “town”) and certain individuals representing the campus (referred to as the “gown,” in reference to the robes […]

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Our Opinion: Consult fact-checking sites to cut through nonsense in presidential contest

If you’re planning to vote in Tuesday’s presidential election – and we hope that you are – don’t base your decision on any of the ridiculous claims, counter-claims and outright kooky stories that pass for “political discourse” on social media. Use an online, fact-checking resource to help you cut through the clutter. Below are three […]

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Our Opinion: Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s philosophy is a winner in our book

Diamonds to Hazleton native Joe Maddon, manager of the newly minted World Series champion Chicago Cubs. His prowess about all things baseball, including player psychology, helped the Cubs this week to finally snap a supposed curse that had denied the franchise the title for more than a century. Maddon’s leadership, however, extends well beyond Major […]

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Our Opinion: Five area students drive home importance of doing well in high school, getting diploma

If you doubt the ability of public schools, consider the words of Meyers High School senior Jeffrey Vergara during a recent summit held at Mohegan Sun Pocono and focusing on area graduation rates. “I was failing four classes,” Vergara said during a five-student panel discussion at the United Way-led event last month in Plains Township. […]

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Our Opinion: At 50, WVIA television continues to elevate conversation and conditions in NEPA

It started innocuously, like many 1960s experiments. Area residents who witnessed it might remember spinning that old UHF dial on the black-and-white TV and discovering there was a fourth station! Spunky little WVIA-TV had begun broadcasting “Instructional Television,” shows with what looked like curmudgeonly professors writing chalkboard scribble, as though someone had the afterthought of […]

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Our Opinion: Voters, know your rights and don’t shirk your responsibility

If the voting process gets undermined in Pennsylvania next Tuesday, it’s highly unlikely to be the result of any Russian interference or domestic rigging. No, the real concern in this presidential election year remains the perennial problem of adults simply not exercising their right to cast a ballot. The nonpartisan League of Women Voters of […]

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Our Opinion: Stay on track by painting directional symbols on Wyoming Valley sidewalks

Would it be a good idea to … … paint directional symbols and arrows on Northeastern Pennsylvania sidewalks, pointing pedestrians to destinations such as theaters, museums and trailheads? The state Department of Transportation recently embraced this low-tech solution to guide motorists to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport near Avoca. Certain drivers negotiating a newly installed traffic […]

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Our Opinion: Voters, there’s more on Luzerne County ballot than you might realize

Don’t be among the Luzerne County voters blindsided on Nov. 8 by a series of ballot questions about the county’s home rule charter. The presidential race and other high-profile contests have commanded all the attention in recent weeks. Consequently, lots of people won’t be prepared to answer the five yes-or-no questions. Yet these proposed amendments […]

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