Our Opinion: Chart Luzerne County’s progress at following its financial-recovery plan

Would it be a good idea to … … show people what actions have been taken – and what tasks remain to be done – to put Luzerne County’s government on better financial footing? Last October, a consulting firm handed the county administration an updated five-year financial recovery plan. The 253-page plan from Philadelphia-based Public […]

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Our Opinion: Luzerne County’s draft 2017 budget calls out for public scrutiny, reasoned comment

From the looks of his first budget proposal as Luzerne County manager, C. David Pedri doesn’t aim to soon win any popularity contests. His financial blueprint for the county in 2017 calls for a 4 percent increase in property taxes. Beyond that, the plan he released to county council’s 11 members last week for their […]

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Our Opinion: These students have voice in presidential politics

Diamonds to politically conscious young people. Cole McCafferty, 11, who visits this area to see his grandmother in Nanticoke, has taken a liking to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. McCafferty made multiple videos in support of the GOP hopeful, a proponent of “clean coal,” including one in the city near a coal miner statue. Separately, […]

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Our Opinion: Contribute to victims of Hurricane Matthew-spawned flooding

Residents of the Wyoming Valley know as well as anyone that recovering from a flood requires more than a few days and a few dollars. It takes a massive, multiyear effort to help people repair or rebuild their stricken homes, schools and businesses. It can take even longer to heal the emotional damage. You can […]

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Our Opinion: Lowering crime in community requires your cooperation

Keeping crime under control in our communities requires more than scads of police. It takes officers and the people whom they are sworn to protect working in cooperation – talking to each other and developing mutual trust – to root out the sources of trouble: drug dealers, gang members and perpetrators of violent crimes. Encouragingly, […]

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Our Opinion: Let’s revise negative attitudes on aging, giving older residents more respect

Would it be a good idea to … … better treat older residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania and everyplace else, many of whom potentially suffer because of stereotypes about aging? The question arises, in part, because of a brief but poignant letter recently received at the Times Leader. Its author, whose name is being withheld to […]

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Our Opinion: Surveillance cameras in Wilkes-Barre leave public with incomplete picture

Before sinking more money into Wilkes-Barre’s camera surveillance system, someone in authority needs to offer proof that the multimillion-dollar setup actually catches criminals. Little evidence has been publicly offered of the program’s effectiveness since the Hawkeye Security System cameras went online in 2010. If no sizable arrest figures are forthcoming, scrap the thing. Once ballyhooed […]

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Our Opinion: Wyoming Valley West students show class by rolling out welcome mat

Diamonds to supportive students and faculty members at Wyoming Valley West High School. Many people at the Plymouth school went out of their way this week to welcome newcomers and to accommodate big changes resulting from a new split-schedule format that allows middle-schoolers to share the building. The district recently closed its middle school, at […]

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Our Opinion: There’s plenty to enjoy in newspapers, including an emphasis on solutions

Before National Newspaper Week concludes on Saturday, let’s take a closer look at a common complaint lobbed at the news business. Readers tell us that we bring attention only to problems, not the “good news.” Granted, journalists traditionally have focused on, for example, the one airplane that crashes on a particular day, not the thousands […]

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Our Opinion: Forty Fort councilman with felony should resign from post

The soon-to-be-sentenced Frank Michaels showed another lapse in good judgment recently when the Forty Fort councilman declined to immediately quit his post, despite having entered a guilty plea to a felony. Michaels, 68, would do a service to his council colleagues and constituents by reconsidering and submitting a resignation. The sooner the better. Observers are […]

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