Our Opinion: ‘Best College’ rankings are mostly bunk; find the university that suits you

Sure, it sounded like sour grapes when Wilkes University President Patrick Leahy pooh-poohed the value of the new U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” rankings. The suspicion is almost inevitable: Of course he’d think the rankings are flawed, his school came in 85th on the “Regional Universities North” list, the lowest position among area […]

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Our Opinion: Reflect on Joe Paterno’s coaching milestone without falsely lionizing man

The late Joe Paterno oversaw his first Penn State football game as head coach 50 years ago, but don’t expect this weekend’s events marking the anniversary to be entirely golden. In the minds of some people, Paterno and his collegiate football achievements have been forever tarnished. They object to commemorations of the sort planned at […]

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Our Opinion: Local addiction-recovery programs key to coping with NEPA drug problem

Realistically, reducing the drug problem in Greater Wilkes-Barre and much of Luzerne County involves more than tossing users of heroin and other illicit substances in prison. It also requires providing more recovery programs for area residents to enter – when and where they’re ready to begin coping with their addictions. Jim Casey, longtime operator of […]

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Our Opinion: Tell teens how to handle horrible bosses who sexually harass – or worse

Teenagers who take part-time jobs to earn spending money and gain work experience sometimes get subjected to horrible treatment, including sexual harassment and assault. It happens too frequently. A Maine researcher previously surveyed more than 500 teenagers, finding that about one-third said they “experienced some type of sexual harassment at work,” according to a 2014 […]

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Our Opinion: Respond to teachers’ requests for school supplies

Would it be a good idea to … … chip in money so that area teachers could better equip their classrooms? Stop right there, many readers probably are thinking. Shouldn’t our public school teachers already have all the books, construction paper and computer equipment that students require, courtesy of the taxes paid by property owners […]

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Our Opinion: On anniversary of 9/11 attacks, pay tribute to victims in right way; do a good deed

Fifteen years later, the best way to memorialize the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks remains to do what many people did instinctively on that horrible morning when burning jet fuel seared a calendar date into our nation’s collective memory. Help a stranger. Open your heart. Show you care. Any other response either rings hollow today or […]

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Our Opinion: Stanley Cup’s ‘victory lap’ through Wilkes-Barre was much appreciated

Diamonds to class act Teddy Richards. The Wilkes-Barre native remembered his roots, bringing professional ice hockey’s coveted Stanley Cup to his hometown so that area residents could ogle it up close and share in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ ongoing celebration. Richards served as assistant equipment manager for the Penguins during the team’s 2015-16 championship season. By […]

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Our Opinion: Keep summer camps up and running for sake of area’s young residents

Is the announced closing of the Girl Scouts’ Camp Louise another bucket of dirt tossed onto the dying coals of summer camp traditions? Consider recent history: the decline of the Boy Scouts’ Camp Rotawanis in Butler Township, and the near-closing of Camp St. Andrew in Tunkhannock, the latter saved this year by a deal between […]

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Our Opinion: Luzerne County Fair allows area residents to showcase skills

So much preparation and care go into the Luzerne County Fair, it’s a shame the fleeting event – a sure harbinger of fall – lasts only five days. Get to the 54th annual event in the Back Mountain before it wraps up Sunday night, and see what amounts to a miniature version of NBC’s “America’s […]

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Our Opinion: Luzerne County’s deed records available online, more or less

Call this a case of no good deed goes unpunished – or in this case, uncriticized. Luzerne County recently provided the public with free online access to its Recorder of Deeds records dating from the late 1960s back to the county’s origin in 1786, a full 230 years ago. The computer database saves professional title […]

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