Your view: Keep radar out of hands of local police

Cash cow – that’s what the Pennsylvania Legislature sees when they look at a safe driver. The highest gas tax in the country is not enough for the Legislature. The highest turnpike tolls in the country are not enough for the Legislature. They want more of your money, and are furiously trying to SB 251, […]

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Their view: How Paul Ryan lost the Republican Party

Two years ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan was the Republican Party’s indispensable man, uniting the party’s unruly congressional caucus behind an agenda of cutting taxes and shrinking the welfare state. Now Ryan, R-Wis., is retiring to spend more time with his teenage children. What happened? Ryan’s speakership began with strong support from rank-and-file Republicans, but […]

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Our view: Latest exhibit shows Sordoni Gallery decision was right one

Old-timers and comic history buffs can see them larger than life — at least, larger than they were ever printed in the newspapers you read in your lifetime: Alley Oop tooling around on a dinosaur, Pogo plugging his nose with a clothespin during a visit with an old pig, square-jawed Dick Tracy disarming some dame […]

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Your view: Sinclair broadcasts troubling

On or about Easter weekend, most of the 193 local TV stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group said the exact same thing. The local stations reported that many news outlets are spreading fake news and that it is extremely dangerous to our democracy. This message is very similar to what President Donald Trump has been […]

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Their view: Here’s the best defense for the Down syndrome Protection Act

There are opinions, and there are facts. First, some facts. It used to be that pregnancies were divided into trimesters and the state could not regulate abortion in that first trimester, could regulate it in the second only to protect the health of the mother, and could regulate or limit it in the third to […]

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Beyond the Byline: We can still learn from Tom Bigler

WILKES-BARRE — It’s not just at this time of year that I wish Tom Bigler was still around. Bigler, one of the most authentic journalists I have ever known, died in 2007. But his memory and his legacy continue today with the annual Tom Bigler Journalism Conference at Wilkes University. The 2018 Bigler Conference was […]

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Their view: Still learning lessons from Mister Rogers

I was a few months shy of my 5th birthday when I started kindergarten in 1968. At that age, I had no idea that 1968 was such a troubling, but influential, year. I was too young to know who the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. or Sen. Robert Kennedy were and what their assassinations would […]

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Their view: Trump’s strike on Syria will achieve next to nothing

Soon, perhaps by the time you read these words, President Trump will launch a missile strike against Syria. It may be small; it may be large. It may include French and British aircraft as well as U.S. missiles. Either way, it will enable Trump to declare victory and applaud his own resolve, probably on Twitter. […]

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Trump opening the doors to corporate interests

President Donald Trump has claimed that he will “drain the swamp,” which seemingly represents a crusade against well-funded special interests that seek to advance their own greedy agendas. But given the current political climate of deregulation, the opposite of this has been happening. The doors are being swung open for corporate interests to pursue profit […]

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Our View: Courthouse work, tours deserve diamonds

Diamonds to all involved in the restoration of the Luzerne County Courthouse rotunda, one of the region’s — indeed, the state’s — finest architectural gems. And while the courthouse is technically open for public viewing every day, diamonds also to the decision to hold tours. For those who didn’t see, the entire central lobby was […]

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