Their view: The abnormal is normal

WASHINGTON — It’s been a fortnight of, well, weirder stuff even than usual from the Trump administration. You know we’re on new turf when people don’t even blink twice at hearing that a pornographic-film star is suing the president to be able to talk about and potentially document what she says was their affair in […]

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Their view: Big-mouth Trump learning to listen

Listening, genuinely listening, is one of the most powerful tools in politics. Not many politicians are good at it. Oh, they pretend to listen during campaigns. Mostly they want to deliver their heat-‘n-serve talking points. It took him long enough. But finally, in his 15th month, President Donald Trump is showing genuine signs of harnessing […]

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Your view: A conversation with President Trump

President Donald Trump is the kind of guy I would like to sit down and have a cold one with. Well may be I would if it wasn’t for all his bragging and his appointing his family to high positions even though they can’t get a security clearance. And then there’s the firing of Comey […]

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To Your Health: How to maintain healthy skin in the elements of winter

Have you had enough of winter yet? I bet your skin has. Along with the cold, ice, snow and wind, the air in winter is typically dry and that can make your skin feel itchy and irritated. So you have to work harder to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. The humidity levels drop […]

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Your view: A fairer tax system requires amendment

Eliminating real estate taxes for school districts and local and county governments, as Scott Wagner says he would do as governor, means that a fairer tax would be needed to replace that lost local revenue. An adjustable-rate graduated income tax, without deductions or exemptions and based on a taxpayer’s ability to pay, would serve that […]

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Republicans don’t care about fixing Congress

Political polarization has been tearing apart Washington for years, but Republicans have found a way to make it even worse. Unlike just a few years ago, Congress now suffers all of the costs of partisan polarization without many of the very real benefits. Here’s an example. USA Today’s Brad Heath notes something fascinating about the […]

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Their view: Why don’t we study gun violence? Because it’s against the law

President Donald Trump sounds interested — for now — in solving at least some of this country’s gun problems in the wake of the mass shooting that left 17 students and educators dead in a Florida high school. But the president has also seemed confused and misinformed about why previous efforts at gun regulation have […]

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Even optimism sounds glum

Yes, Washington is broken under President Donald Trump. But it was broken long before Trump came to town, and there’s no reason to expect his departure to fix it. That’s the message of “Our Damaged Democracy,” a new book by Joseph Califano, the former U.S. health secretary and veteran Washington hand. “We face a disproportionately […]

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Your view: Kingston officials should be proud of leadership

I have received my county and Kingston tax bill. The total amount is $1,187 and out of that amount Kingston only receives $244 dollars. The rest goes to the county. How does Kingston provide, police and fire protection, trash, recycle pickup, street sweeping, snow plowing, etc for such a small amount of the bill? The […]

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Their view: Many solid reasons not to arm teachers

Ample arguments against the notion of arming school teachers have been floated since the mass murders in a Florida school. • Another shooter in an “active shooter” situation can muddle the matter as easily as clarify it. What happens if an officer storms into a room and sees a teacher pointing a gun? • No […]

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