Transforming a fishing rod into a work of art

ASHLEY — Bob Prymus has hands that would make any butcher proud. His powerful grip is evident with the first firm handshake. But these hands aren’t used for slinging a side of beef. Despite their powerful appearance, Prymus’ hands are steady and precise, capable of weaving hair-like strands of thread to create an intricate work […]

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Building nest boxes for wildlife a beneficial winter activity

DALLAS — Bill Williams hammered a few nails and, in no time at all, built a house. He expects the inhabitants to move in this spring. With the beginning of spring a month or so away, winter is a great time to build homes for wildlife to use when they return to the area. Bluebirds, […]

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Pa. bird feeders a bit quieter this winter

As far as numbers go, Jeff Stratford admits he’s had better years. But just because there are fewer birds visiting Stratford’s feeders in Wilkes-Barre this winter, he isn’t ready to jump to any conclusions. “It’s not that there’s fewer. It’s just that we’re not seeing them,” said Stratford, who is an assistant professor of biology […]

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Outdoors with Tom Venesky: Too much salt is bad for your health, and the environment too

When lead shot for hunting waterfowl was banned nationwide in the early 1990s, the move was well-received by conservationists who felt the toxic substance was killing ducks. I don’t dispute that, and for the most part waterfowl hunters have adapted well to using non-toxic shot. But I wonder if lead shot was really the major […]

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Regional coyote hunt attracts nearly 700 hunters

TUNKHANNOCK — Three years ago, Emily Bold’s father, John, won Northeast Regional Coyote Hunt when he harvested the heaviest canine in the three-day hunt — a 45.5-pound male. So last year, Emily bought her own hunting dogs, trained them year-round and entered this year’s hunt hoping to top her father’s mark. She came close. The […]

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Anglers finding plenty of thick ice this winter

Joe Chyko stood at the edge of Lily Lake and wondered if it was safe to venture onto the ice. A brief spell of warm weather coupled with rain days earlier made the Bloomsburg resident hesitant to step onto the frozen sheet. But when Chyko plunged his auger through the ice to drill some test […]

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Caught on Camera

Visitors like this don’t come around often to Bob Stiff’s property in Jackson Township. In fact, it’s been 20 years since Stiff saw a pheasant on his property. That’s why when this colorful male pheasant showed up on Jan. 20 to eat bird seed that had dropped from a feeder, Stiff was pleasantly surprised. The […]

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Local group relives the mountain-man era

Chris Denmon’s interest in the primitive, mountain-man lifestyle emanated from, of all things, television. The Noxen resident is a board member with the Endless Mountains Primitive Outdoorsmen, a group that recreates the customs of fur trappers and mountain men from the period of 1800 to 1840. The group holds events throughout the year where members […]

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Caught on Camera

There’s something about trail cameras that bears can’t resist. Many readers have submitted photos over the years of bears mugging extremely close to the camera. Several people have told me their cameras captured up-close images of bears moments before the bruin ripped the camera off the tree. Photos of bears licking, clawing and mauling trail […]

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Spruce plantings on game lands aid Northern flying squirrel

Scattered remnants of a diminishing boreal forest are the last footholds for the state-endangered northern flying squirrel in northeastern Pennsylvania. The diminutive nocturnal rodent, with its disproportionately large eyes and unique ability to glide through the air, is in trouble. Forest fragmentation, the loss of trees necessary for food and shelter, and competition with a […]

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