Caught on Camera

Although deer season is over, now is the time to wonder about the bucks that made it through to grow larger by next season. The buck in this trail camera photo from Paul Pietruszewski is certainly one that, if it survived, will be quite large with another year to grow. The 8-point buck was photographed […]

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Outdoors with Tom Venesky: Secrecy and etiquette vital among birdwatchers

When I began running the list of local bird sightings in the paper every Sunday, a person who compiles the list asked that I not run the names of those reporting birds and keep the locations vague. I understood why. While most of us are respectful of wildlife and private property, there are a few […]

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Caught on Camera

Peter Petokas was conducting a bird count in Bradford County last week and came upon this pair of tundra swans on the upper Susquehanna River. The swans are migrating through the area on their way to the spend the winter on the Chesapeake Bay. While they are sizable birds with a wingspan that could reach […]

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New name, same job for PGC game wardens

It’s all in the name. And the Pennsylvania Game Commission recently took a step to make the title used by the agency’s law enforcement officers a bit easier to remember. The agency recently changed the name of its wildlife conservation officers to “state game wardens” in a move they hope better identifies the officers to […]

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2017 full of new experiences in the outdoors

No two years are the same when it comes to the outdoors, and 2017 brought plenty of surprises and new experiences. From the field last year, we stocked trout in the Lehigh River during a snowstorm, banded peregrine falcons on top of a Luzerne County cliff, trapped bears in the wilds of State Game Lands […]

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Sandhill crane population standing tall in Pennsylvania

At first glance, the sight of a sandhill crane in an open field appears otherworldly. With a large, tail-less body perched atop a pair of spindly legs and an elongated neck and a formidable beak, the sandhill crane is unlike any other bird that appears on the Pennsylvania landscape. Capable of reaching heights greater than […]

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Caught on Camera

Mia Bassham’s deck was built pretty well as it withstood the weight of this large bear that paid a visit on Sept. 19. Bassham, of Mountain Top, snapped the photo as the bruin stopped by one afternoon. If the bear made it through hunting season, it’s likely in its den for the winter. And for […]

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Outdoors with Tom Venesky: The view from my treestand

There’s a reason why I spend countless hours in my treestand during deer season. Sure, my main objective is to harvest a decent buck, but there is a greater cause that motivates me to sit motionless in the confined space of a treestand for hours on end. In my opinion, taking a seat is the […]

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Hooked on a Christmas tradition

PLAINS TWP. — George Bowers wasn’t dressed in a red suit trimmed in white, nor did he ride in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer when he arrived at the Janet Weis Children’s Unit at Geisinger Wyoming Valley on Tuesday. But Bowers still played the role of Santa Claus perfectly as he and his son, […]

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Boaters urged to check fire extinguishers after recall

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is alerting boaters to check their boat’s fire extinguisher to see if it’s one of nearly 40 million Kidde brand fire extinguishers which have been recalled. The recall involves 134 different models. “Most boaters are preparing their boats for winter storage, so this is a good time to […]

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