Outdoors with Tom Venesky: For anglers, these cuts are going to hurt

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is considering doing the same thing with trout that the Pennsylvania Game Commission did with pheasants: Cut back. During the PFBC’s quarterly meeting on Sept. 26, the board voted to reduce spending by $2 million in fiscal year 2018-19 if the legislature doesn’t grant a license fee increase. Specifically, […]

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Hunters not happy with move to cut pheasant stocking locations

Ron Fuhrman estimates he spends more than $800 a year to provide pheasant habitat on his Wyoming County farm. Now, he wants the Pennsylvania Game Commission to continue to do its part. Fuhrman’s farm is enrolled in the Game Commission’s hunter-access program, where landowners open their properties to public hunting for the seasons of their […]

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Caught on Camera

Something spooked the bobcat in these trail camera photos that is shot up a tree to avoid the danger. Martin Husovich captured the images of the feline, which appears to have an unusually long tail for a bobcat but the pointed ears typical of the species. Note the time stamp on the first image as […]

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PGC action opens the door for local lure company

For nearly a year Jonathan Kalasinski urged the Pennsylvania Game Commission to legalize the product produced by the company he founded. On Monday, the PGC board listened as they voted to approve a handful of electronic devices for hunting. The list includes electronic waterfowl and dove decoys, electronic devices that distribute ozone gas for scent […]

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Caught on Camera

Hunters began scouting for the upcoming archery season weeks ago, and many used trail cameras to get an idea of how many big bucks are roaming the areas they hunt. Based on the photos sent in by readers, there are plenty of trophies out there. Andrew Serniak used a trail camera to capture these images […]

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Tree stand safety a precaution that shouldn’t be overlooked

Matt Johnson stood up to stretch while archery hunting from his tree stand, and when he sat down things went awry. Quickly. As Johnson sat back down, the pad on the seat flipped over his back, tossing him out of the climbing stand 20 feet above the ground. Fortunately, Johnson was using a safety harness […]

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Outdoors with Tom Venesky: Losing an icon of conservation

“Hello, my friend.” That’s how Dr. Doug Ayers always greeted me whenever I called or visited. And by his tone I knew it was sincere. For a person who did so much good when it comes preserving land, saving history and helping animals, Ayers cared about his fellow man as much as anything. He proved […]

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Outdoors with Tom Venesky: Daylight serves as nature’s calender

Time in nature isn’t measured by seconds, minutes or hours. There are no months or even days of the week. There is only daylight. Or, in the case of the fall, a decreasing amount of daylight. The amount of time that the sun shines each day dictates what wildlife does and triggers biological functions that […]

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Is cleaner water to blame for fewer muskrats?

Tom Hardisky believes he knows the reason why muskrats have been on the decline in Pennsylvania. Problem is, there might not be a solution. Muskrat populations have declined over the last 25 years and Hardisky, who is a furbearer biologist with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, has studied a number of factors in an effort to […]

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Game Commission brings back popular game-lands tours

The last time the Pennsylvania Game Commission conducted public tours of three state game lands in the northeast, more than 2,200 people participated. That was in 2015, and despite the large turnout, the agency decided to cancel the tours last year as various programs were cut to save money. The PGC hasn’t received a hunting […]

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