Small Wonders students learn Earth Day lessons


​The kindergarten students at Small Wonders Back Mountain School in Shavertown learned important lessons about Earth Day. The children planted seeds, read books about recycling and talked about ways to keep our Earth clean and green. The students worked together to clean up the school grounds and surrounding area to complete their lesson. Shown are, first row: Jordan Medrano, Sara Naperkowski, Kyler Cromer, Lucas Finch. Second row: Grayson Greig, Emily Chrobak, Nolan Cote, Norah Banks, Miles Wilson, Katie Ference, Drew Kostick. Third row: Jessie Kaiser (staff), Linda Somoga (director), Brian Bolesta, Brendan Lee, Alyse Gutierrez, Nikolas Sherrill, Logan VanValkenburgh, Michael Ulichney, Lily Olson, Becky Yannuzzi (teacher).