St. Jude students awarded at Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition


Twenty-six students from Saint Jude School competed in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science state competition on May 21st at University Park, State College. Eighteen students received first place awards and eight students received second place awards. One student, seventh-grader Gemma Alberti, received a perfect score. Congratulations to all of the students who participated and a very special thank you to Mrs. Marilyn Baran, Mrs. Ellen Rinehimer and Mrs. Evette Koshinski, group advisors, for all of their guidance. First place awards were given to: Gemma Alberti, Taylor Bayley, Sophia Bere, Delaney Curley, Kyra Hayden, Hillary Hoda, Molly Jameson, Aubrey Jumper, Sydney Kozden, Thomas Mayernik, Kathryn McIngvale, Anthony Nicotera, Christopher Papciak, Caden Sparich, Michael Tomczyk, Joshua VanPelt, William Wolfgang and James Young. Second place awards were given to: Matthew Banford, Katelyn Bozinko, Daryl Boich, Jordyn Chepolis, Veronica Gorka, Edward Patrick, Shreya Rupareliya and Ethan Stoltz. Pictured in the front row: Michael Tomczyk, Josh VanPelt, Delaney Curley and Taylor Bayley. Row two: James Young, Hillary Hoda, Sydney Kozden, Katelyn Bozinko and Veronica Gorka. Back row: Caden Sparich, Anthony Nicotera, Shreya Rupareliya, Molly Jameson and Gemma Alberti.