College Life: Stress has an unpleasant effect on young people too

So much is happening. I’m in the process of moving, which is one of the most stressful things you can go through. The date of my graduation, as well as my imminent adulthood, are staring me in the face. I have so many assignments to work on, and big ones at that, you wouldn’t even […]

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Internationally known violinist, pianist to perform at WB synagogue, church

WILKES-BARRE — Ask virtuoso Yevgeny Kutik if he’s ever done anything like this before — playing his violin during a Shabbat service at a synagogue on a Saturday morning and then performing a concert at a church Saturday evening — and the busy world traveler honestly doesn’t know. “Probably … I might have,” he said […]

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Hub of Wilkes-Barre’s Art Walk to be ‘Art Block’ on South Main Street

WILKES-BARRE — Just as New York City has SoHo and Paris has Montmartre, now Wilkes-Barre has the second block of South Main Street. Not that the second block hasn’t been there for decades, but organizers of the city’s Third Friday Art Walk have designated the area, bordered by Northampton Street to the north and South […]

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Earth Day opportunities abound in Northeastern Pennsylvania

WILKES-BARRE — Which of these animals do you find most appealing — tortoises, bunnies or worms? No matter which creature you consider the cutest, you’ll be able to meet all three varieties from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday at Dundee Gardens in Hanover Township, when the special guests will each serve as a nature lesson […]

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Joan Harris Dancers present tale of courage in original production ‘Corsiev’

LUZERNE — Ask Brynn Suda why “Corsiev” is her favorite ballet, and the 16-year-old dancer from Wilkes-Barre breaks into a wide grin. “I’m a fan of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd,” she said, “and the story’s pretty cool as well.” Yes, it’s true. The classic rock of Led Zeppelin and the psychedelic music of Pink […]

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Life Deconstructed: Combating sexual predators more effective in the moment

Well, these days you cannot swing a dead possum without hitting a gal who has waved down and climbed aboard the #metoo train. For those of you from my generation, once removed, that’s shorthand (Twitter-hand), for the movement now sweeping the country, whereby every female from Eve in her garden to Ashley Judd has been […]

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Brussels sprouts push nutrition in a classic Caesar salad

If you love Brussels sprouts like I do, you will love this salad. If you aren’t sure, but you are a fan of Caesar salad, then you will hopefully love it too! I’ve switched out chopped Brussels sprouts for the romaine lettuce in a classic Caesar salad and subbed toasted breadcrumbs for the classic croutons. […]

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Amish Cook: Horseshoe special to celebrate birth of new filly Silver

It was Saturday morning, and the children and I were all eager to have Daddy home for the day. After breakfast and family devotions, Daniel headed out to do the chores. I was surprised a few minutes later to see him coming back to the house already. We were all thrilled when he informed us […]

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Hanover Township family spreads awareness of body dysmorphic disorder

WILKES-BARRE — It’s not a scientific survey, just a question a grieving father asks people now and then. “Do you know,” Leo Ellis will ask, “what body dysmorphic disorder is?” “Nine out of 10 people say they’ve never heard of it,” Ellis said. That lack of knowledge has given Leo and his wife, Sharon, a […]

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To Your Health: Five facts about testicular cancer during awareness month

Alright everybody, it’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. No kidding, that’s a real thing. When you stop giggling, let’s get to it. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates there will be 9,310 new cases of testicular cancer in the U.S., as well as 400 deaths. While it is an uncommon type of cancer, testicular cancer […]

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