Bill Jones, local United Way CEO: 10 things you might not know about me

August 13th, 2017 7:32 am - updated: 10:52 pm.

Jones, 53, has been the president and CEO of the United Way of Wyoming Valley since 2012.

1. Although I am improving, I am technologically challenged. Because Al Gore claimed to invent the internet, I never voted for him.

2. Nothing is better than a glass of chocolate milk. Nothing is more unappetizing than a side of green vegetables.

3. Other than being small, slow, unable to jump and not a good shooter, I was a pretty good basketball player in high school. I tried out for track, but did I mention I was slow?

4. After 9-11, I became a member of the Dorrance Township Volunteer Fire Department and the Fire Police unit. I have great respect for volunteer emergency responders.

5. I enjoy making wine. My wife enjoys drinking it.

6. I spent some time in college thinking about becoming a priest. Most days, my wife and daughters are happy I didn’t. I will always be grateful to Monsignor Jack Bendik for his mentorship.

7. I once got in big trouble for using a baseball my father had for a game in the backyard with my neighborhood friends when I was 9 years old. At that age, who knew that a ball signed by Mickey Mantle was valuable?

8. I enjoy country music, but I have no musical ability. I am tone deaf and can’t sing, dance or play an instrument. Square dancing doesn’t count.

9. The only class I ever failed was one quarter of driver’s training in 10th grade. It wasn’t all my fault!

10. I have had the honor of giving five eulogies in my life. The hardest was my father’s just a few weeks ago. I will always miss him.

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