College Life: First day of school still brings fresh feeling

By Toni Pennello - [email protected] | January 13th, 2018 6:00 am

One. More. Semester.

Here it goes. I start classes on Tuesday, which means I need to buy some notebooks and pens, I suppose.

My break ended up being extremely relaxing — maybe too relaxing.

Every night when I go to bed, I tell myself I’m going to get my sleep schedule back on track, and then every morning, in my half-awake stupor, I tell myself I’ll try again tomorrow.

Regardless, believe it or not, I’m very excited. I’m excited for every single one of my classes, and I’m excited for that feeling of “first day of school.”

I realized that feeling hasn’t changed much since my first first day of school. Sure, my mom isn’t putting me on the bus for the first time and holding back tears. But there is still always a certain feeling that comes with starting a new educational endeavor.

I also realized that this might be the last time I feel that feeling, barring following through on my vague desire to go to graduate school.

It’s funny, though. At this point in my undergraduate career, nearly all of my professors are instructors that I’ve had before, many even more than once, and my classmates are also rarely unfamiliar. But that fresh feeling at the beginning is always there, and I expect it will be there next week.

Maybe it’s just me. But it’s a very pleasant feeling.

I guess it’s something like what people feel after New Year’s. I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions because it just never really occurred to me (I like to set goals all the time) but I don’t think my first-day-of-school feeling is dissimilar.

At the beginning of the semester, it’s easy to tell yourself, “I’m going to get all 4.0s this semester. I am going to do all of my homework the day it’s assigned. I’m going to sleep like a normal person.” I kind of ride on that feeling of perceived future productivity.

Granted, this has evolved from say, my first day of fourth grade, where the excitement stemmed from the fact that my new teacher’s classroom smelled like licorice, leading me to believe that she was one for giving out candy. But it’s the same idea.

By Toni Pennello

[email protected]

Toni Pennello is a Wilkes University senior who works in the Times Leader newsroom.