Distinctive Palates: Avenue Restaurant & Catering


WYOMING — “So much more than your average


If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Avenue Restaurant on Wyoming Ave in Wyoming, there’s a good chance you’ve even heard it from the staff or the owner David Krappa.

As a regular visitor, I fi nd myself referring to it as simply “Avenue Diner.” In fact, I still have fond memories of my grandmother whisking me out of school early for a day that ALWAYS included lunch “at the Ave.”

They’ve retained the same high level of service that’s been a trademark dating back decades to when the restaurant was little more than a dining car. Today, you’ll fi nd the best of both worlds.

Walking in you see the diner side and while it stills retains the charm of days-gone-by, the vast upgrades (even down to the sign!) really gives Avenue a clean modern aesthetic. Sure, it’s still the best place in the valley to stop in for a classic diner breakfast. Just ask all of the Times Leader and Weekender readers who voted for them.

The “so much more” is found when you enter the stunning banquet room. The warm and welcoming wait staff lead us to our table and WOW what a layout. Our traditional reviews usually consist of a sit down meal but when I entered the dining room

there was a beautiful display that had a full portion plates of their special menu items.

Being the seafood lover, I immediately gravitated toward Seafood Mac & Cheese. A heaping helping of shrimp, scallops, clams, crab and of course the signature Avenue lobster in a delicious cheese sauce covered in toasted breadcrumbs.

Dave has a reputation as a mad scientist in the kitchen, concocting unique and mouthwatering combinations. I think he may have topped himself here.

Getting hungry yet?

The surf and turf combo is a must for any quality dinner menu. But the pairing of an 8-ounce sirloin seared just dark enough on the outside while still juicy and tender on the inside really sets this dish apart from the rest. And of course, one cannot talk about The Avenue without mentioning their trademark lobster tail. A staple for years on Wednesday and Friday, the lobster complimented the sirloin and took both dishes to the next level.

Two dishes that I had never tried before, the Haddock New Orleans and Grilled Vegetable Ravioli, offered two different but equally mouthwatering tastes. Let’s start with the haddock. What makes the New Orleans Haddock different than any other? No, we didn’t see a fi sh in dark sunglasses playing jazz. A Cajun shrimp sauce brings out a spicy kick that really sets this dish apart.

On the other end of the taste spectrum was the Grilled Vegetable Ravioli. The “veggiolis” are good enough to be a meal onto themselves but when topped with a savory chicken pesto sauce? Wow.

The mad scientist strikes again!

The Chicken Tuscany was a fantastic update on an old favorite. Juicy chicken strips sautéed with an assortment of veggies from spinach and artichokes to plum tomatoes in a wine sauce over pappardelle pasta. If you prefer a lighter fare with a variety of flavors, you can’t pass this one by.

Along with a large variety of entrees came an even larger assortment of desserts. From the strawberry cheesecake to a double chocolate cake and everything in between, your sweet tooth will be thanking you.

Overall, even with the high standards that Avenue has set, we found their Mother’s Day specials to be a new high point for Dave and the crew. The meal, or in this case meals, were tremendous. As always, the service was top notch. Lead by our hostess Liz, the wait-staff is attentive while not being intrusive. At The Avenue, Liz and her team have found a great balance and it shows.

So, whether you’ve never been in or it’s been awhile, do yourself (and Mom) a favor and make your reservations for Mother’s Day at The Avenue.

You’ll fi nd the ideal meal and so much more!


Avenue Restaurant

22 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming • (570) 613-1124