Around Town: Celebrating early, often is way to go


Happy birthday, Miss Michelle.

Yes, you, my dear friend – one of the people I can always count on.

Your friendship to me is immeasurable, so thanks for your many showings of kindness throughout the years.

Whether it was switching job positions, moving to a new home or buying a new car, you’ve always been there for me. I’m grateful.

Folks: that was my profession of love and gratitude to a person very important to me.

Wednesday night we (a group of friends I’m fortunate to have) celebrated my friend Michelle Peznowski’s 50th birthday.



I still can’t believe that time is here. If you know Michelle, you wouldn’t think she was a day more than 35. She’s young-acting, fun-loving and extremely spunky.

The celebration, which filled River Grille in Plains Township, was full of laughs, good-natured ribbing and fun.

Michelle’s beloved mom, Marti, was a longtime advertising associate at the Times Leader, so my colleagues love my “Michelle stories.”

They usually involve vacations to the Caribbean, convertible rides or something outlandish.

Besides me, the other most important man in her life is her Dad, Jerry (I’m kidding about myself, of course).

Her “Daddio” is the main man for her – and many of our mutual friends.

He laughs at the antics that surround us, and we’re lucky he joins us at dinners and nights out.

Celebrating is something special, isn’t it?

My friend Molly McLaughlin Hoegen says it best in her Facebook posts, where she encourages friends to “celebrate early and often.”

She’s right.

If we don’t find cause for celebration, life can be a bit mundane.

I say, find the fun in your day – wherever that might be.

For me, fun is being around friends who make you laugh, who don’t judge, who don’t criticize.

When you find a friend who you consider family, you’ve made it.

In this ever-changing life, one thing we can count on is friends and family.

That’s why there are people like Michelle.

She’s not just a friend to me. She’s family.

She and I remember to celebrate early and often.

I hope you do, too.

Let’s call today “Celebration Sunday.”

Mike McGinley is the Times Leader Media Group’s major accounts executive. Reach him at [email protected] or 570-704-3945.

Mike McGinley is the Times Leader Media Group’s major accounts executive. Reach him at [email protected] or 570-704-3945.