Nuremberg Community Players to hold auditions for ‘Murder Can Be Habit Forming’


NUREMBERG — The Nuremberg Community Players will hold open auditions for their upcoming production, “Murder Can Be Habit Forming,” by Billy St. John at 6:30 p.m. Sunday and Monday, Aug. 19 and 20 at the home of the Nuremberg Community Players, 283 Hazle St. Shows will be presented Oct. 12-14.

When a busload of passengers is stranded by a blizzard in upstate New York, they find their way to an old mansion in the woods, now St. Mary’s Convent, where the Reverend Mother Mary Cecilia provides them lodging for the night. Unfortunately, she soon realizes that, among her guests, is likely to be a serial killer known as the “Mary Murderer” whose victims are all named Mary.

Though most of the sisters have been stranded in Buffalo, the four nuns remaining with her all have the first name Mary, as do two of the women on the bus. To add to the list of potential victims, one passenger is a flamboyant actress whose TV character is named Mary and another is a retired school teacher who was formerly… you guessed it… a nun named Mary.

Before the night is over, the killer strikes. Which person from the bus could be the Mary Murderer? The college professor? The newspaper columnist? The bus driver? Luckily, police detective Patrick McDougal was also on the bus and takes charge of solving the case.

Providing as many laughs as chills, “Murder Can Be Habit Forming” is a lighthearted mystery comedy that reveals the very human side of the nuns as they attempt to stay one step ahead of a killer.

The cast is comprised of the following characters:

Radio announcer – voice only

The Reverend Mother Superior, Mary Cecelia – stern but good-hearted

Sister Mary Martin – breezy, outgoing

Sister Mary Agatha – sweet old lady, vague

Sister Mary Margaret – quiet, somewhat shy

Sister Mary Thomas – cheerful, great sense of humor

Herman – handyman; surly, unkempt, somewhat sinister

Willard – bus driver; heavyset, jolly, bachelor

Lt. McDougal – tough police detective

Erika Kinkaid – conceited actress

David Lewis – mild-mannered college professor

Mary Bishop – troubled college student

Jerome Stacey – edgy newspaper columnist

Torch – strange member of a heavy metal band

Laura Evans – reserved retired teacher

Mary Adams – smart woman with a secret

Ryan Wallace – upset, college student

The show is being presented as the troupe celebrates its 35th year as a volunteer community theatre, Established in 1983, the group has entertained with over 90performances. The non-profit members hold charity fund-raisers and offer a college scholarship for local students.

Those auditioning should be prepared to read from the script. Anyone interested in auditioning for the show or anyone willing to help with the production in any way is encouraged to attend. Contact director Ann Bonacci at 570-788-8733 for more information.