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WILKES-BARRE — When entering the restaurant, I was greeted by what appeared to be the bartender and a waitress. I was waiting for my friend and decided to order a drink while waiting. The bartender and the Maitre D Darrel, suggested the Marilyn Monroe, a signature martini. This consisted of strawberry vodka and champagne, garnished with a fresh strawberry.

It was tasty and refreshing. My dining companion opted for a glass of Moscato and this was a treat on a cold winter’s night.

We were led into the dining room and seated at the perfect table and the view of the room was very visible from where we were. The award winning upscale restaurant is decorated with a beautiful selection of ornate lighting and tables. The warm and cozy atmosphere of Oyster makes this a relaxing place to go for a romantic dinner, business luncheon, wedding or any special occasion.

The restaurant is also known for it’s upscale Oyster Weddings, which boast elegant decor, decadently delicious food, perfectly mixed beverages and are unlike any other wedding.

The culinary team at Oyster is dedicated to making every wedding or event a memorable one.

Darrell was extremely knowledgeable of the menu and the way each item was prepared.

Our waitress Angela was kind, personable and made sure my water glass was always full. This little detail I always appreciate.

We started with appetizers. The first was Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll. I can’t decide which I liked best, the soy glaze or the wasabi oil. I have to say this was the best spicy tuna I have ever eaten. Generally, I enjoy adding wasabi and ginger, but the freshness and taste was enough with drizzle. We were told that the tuna was fl own in fresh every few days from Hawaii and it was obvious.

We were also served a Colossal Crab cake. This was an all lump crab with very little filling. While I was engrossed in the tuna, my companion was enjoying the crab cake. My dining companion enjoyed this so much that she barely left me two bites. It was delightful. Light and airy, the crab was tender and buttery.

The next appetizer we had was the Mussels Marinara. They were done to perfection in a simple but flavorful tomato sauce with just the right amount of spice. The presentation with the bread was like an art form.

Next came the en-trees. We started with Eggplant Parmesan. Darrell made a point of explaining it was a recipe similar to that of his Italian Noni or Grandmother from Italy. This was thinly sliced and dressed in fl our only and delicately fried. It was layered with sauce and dusted with pecorino Romano cheese. It was served over angel hair pasta. I have had other eggplant dishes and they usually are heavily coated in breadcrumbs and this masks the taste of the eggplant. There was no cheese in this dish and I have to admit I did not miss it and enjoyed it immensely without it. I would highly recommend this dish to any vegetarian.

The next two entrees were Wasabi Crusted 10 oz Center Cut Filet Mignon with a Soy Bordelaise Sauce. This was served with house mashed potatoes, spinach, yellow squash and zucchini.

The filet mignon was done to perfection, sliced across the grain perfectly which allowed it to be the most tender slices and

enhanced the flavor.

Next we enjoyed the Butter Poached Lobster Tail (French Laundry Recipe). Generally, I do not order lobster as an entree,

the reason being, most restaurants overcook the lobster. This lobster was cooked using the French Laundry technique. The lobster exterior is fl ash-cooked so that it will pull away cleanly from the shell, the cooking is finished by poaching in butter. It allows the lobster to have the most amazing flavor. I would highly recommend it. If that wasn’t enough , it was time for dessert.

Now I am not a dessert person but have to admit the two we shared were so delicious I would return just for them.

We had the Chocolate Decadence, which was delightful.

This delicious dessert features chocolate layered cakes with chocolate mousse and a chocolate hazelnut ganache frosting.

It was served warm. If you are in need of a chocolate fix, this is my recommendation.

The next one was a Coconut Pie, a chef Demarco original.

It was creamy, w merged (1) ith a generous amount of shaved coconut and was served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I

have to say it was so amazingly delightful I felt the next time I would order it without either to enjoy the coconut goodness.

This was a heavenly dessert and one that I would highly recommend. The restaurant has its own pastry chef and features

other delicious desserts.

I was impressed by the quality of the food and the superior service we were given and the attention to detail in every aspect of this dining experience.

Oyster Seafood and Steakhouse is located at 77 E. in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Reservations are welcome.

Spicy tuna tempura roll tuna tempura roll

Mussels marinara marinara

Chocolate decadence decadence