Hearing set for guilty plea in alleged slaying by homeless man

By Patrick Kernan - [email protected]
Talmadge -

WILKES-BARRE — A filing late Monday showed a guilty plea appears to be forthcoming from a homeless man who police say killed another man and left the body in a basement for months.

Sean “Juice” Talmadge, 33, was charged last year with a felony count of criminal homicide and a misdemeanor count of abuse of a corpse after the April 2017 death of Ramon Torres.

Talmadge was originally set to stand trial starting on May 8, but a judge’s order changes that.

Luzerne County Judge Richard M. Hughes III signed an order Monday, which set a hearing for Talmadge’s upcoming guilty plea for this Friday.

The order says Talmadge will appear before Hughes in a courtroom at the county’s Penn Place court facility to enter the plea.

However, the order does not make clear if there is a plea deal, or what the possible terms of any such deal might be.

According to the criminal complaint, Torres’ body lay in the basement of a vacant home at 442 S. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre, for nearly two months before anyone discovered it.

Police say his body had decomposed so much that “nearly no soft tissue existed.” A forensic dentist had to be contacted to identify his remains.

Torres was reported missing on April 24, after Bianca Maldonado, the mother of his child, said she hadn’t seen him for a few days.

In June, an unidentified witness told police there was a body in the basement of the Franklin Street home, which led to the discovery of the body.

A second unidentified witness said that they were hanging out with Talmadge in April when the pair came across Torres.

The three bought a bottle of alcohol from a liquor store, proceeded to drink together and eventually found their way into the basement of the abandoned home. Talmadge and Torres argued intermittently throughout the day, the witness said.

When they were leaving the basement, the witness told police Talmadge kicked Torres in the head, knocking him down the stairs.

The witness allegedly watched Talmadge stab Torres in the stomach and neck multiple times. The witness said they urged Talmadge to leave, but Talmadge said he wouldn’t leave until Torres was dead.


By Patrick Kernan

[email protected]

Reach Patrick Kernan at 570-991-6386 or on Twitter @PatKernan

Reach Patrick Kernan at 570-991-6386 or on Twitter @PatKernan