Welfare charge dismissed against Exeter woman


WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County prosecutors on Thursday dismissed a welfare fraud charge against an Exeter woman, who was accused last month of failing to disclose household income for public assistance.

The state Office of Inspector General on April 12 charged Laura A. Pomichter, 40, with failing to disclose household income for James Biscotto.

According to the criminal complaint:

Pomichter reported on a benefits review form to receive government assistance in December 2015 that she was not employed and resided alone with her child. She allegedly completed another benefits review form in May 2016 and had a telephone interview with a state caseworker on June 2016, indicating no changes to her household that included herself and her child.

A state caseworker received a tip regarding Pomichter’s household in December 2016. The tip was referred for an investigation that allegedly revealed Pomichter resided with Biscotto, father of the child.

Biscotto, who is employed at the Luzerne County Domestic Relations Office, is a permanent household member, the complaint says.

The complaint alleged Pomichter fraudulently obtained supplemental nutrition assistance benefits for 2016.

Prosecutors dismissed a single fraud count against Pomichter during a preliminary hearing in Luzerne County Central Court.