Police: Lansford man threatened to kill, mutilate Kingston attorney

By Ed Lewis - [email protected]
Junker -

KINGSTON — Police charged a Carbon County man after he left a disturbing voicemail nearly two years ago for attorney Leonard Junker, threatening to chop off the lawyer’s head and burn his house, court records say.

John Large, 53, of Lansford, allegedly left the voicemail at Junker’s office in Kingston.

According to a criminal complaint:

Junker contacted police when he received the voicemail June 14, 2016. He said the voice was that of Large, who identified himself by name in the message. Junker claimed he represented Large about 15 years ago, and Large has a history of making threats.

Police listened to the message that involved threats to Junker’s life unless Junker did not send him $2,500 that Large claimed Junker owed him.

“Leonard Junker, this is John Large calling,” the message began, noting it was Father’s Day weekend and Junker needed to get the $2,500 to his mother and provided his mother’s Lansford address.

Large continued by claiming he was “doing recon” on Junker, and threatened to kill Junker, cut off Junker’s head and stuff Junker’s head in a chimney and watch it smoke. Large also threatened to cut out Junker’s heart and shove it down Junker’s throat.

“I’m coming for you Leonard. I’m gonna (expletive) up your world like you (expletive) up my world,” Large warned.

Large ended the voicemail by claiming nobody can protect Junker, not the police, not the district attorney and not any judge in Pennsylvania. He pledged to go “nuclear” on Junker.

Large was charged with terroristic threats, criminal attempt to commit theft by extortion, criminal use of a communication facility and harassment.

Police filed the charges against Large on April 9.


By Ed Lewis

[email protected]