Autopsy scheduled Tuesday in Ashley death investigation

By Ed Lewis - [email protected]

An autopsy is scheduled to be performed Tuesday on the body of a man who died after being found with apparent stab wounds at an apartment in Ashley on Sunday.

State police at Wyoming did not release further information Monday regarding the death of Brian Breymeier, 31, who died at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township.

Breymeier was found unresponsive at 144 S. Main St., an apartment building at the intersection of Fall Street, just before 12 p.m. Sunday.

District Judge Richard Cronauer in Wilkes-Barre on Sunday signed a search warrant for investigators, which was forwarded to District Judge Joseph Halesey, whose district covers Ashley.

Halesey’s office said Monday the search warrant is available once a receipt of items taken from the apartment is filed.

A search of court records returned an application for a protection from abuse filed against Breymeier by his live-in girlfriend Haley Rimmer on April 26.

Rimmer could not be reached for comment on Monday.

According to the application for a restraining order:

Rimmer alleged Breymeier woke her up on April 26 screaming and calling her a liar because her ex-husband sent her a text message while she was sleeping. Rimmer claimed Breymeier pushed and shoved her as she was dressing, and smashed everything in their bedroom.

Rimmer wrote in the application Breymeier threatened to destroy everything if she left him.

Breymeier’s mother arrived and begged him to stop. His mother told Rimmer to call police and she left.

Rimmer alleged Breymeier ran around the house holding a large knife and cut up a couch she sat on. She claimed as she was packing her belongings, Breymeier went outside with the knife to slice tires on her vehicle.

Rimmer wrote in the application Breymeier started slicing himself with the knife as she wrestled with him.

She left when police arrived at the apartment.

Breymeier worked at Medico Industries, according to the PFA.

Rimmer withdrew her request for a permanent restraining order at a court hearing before Judge David Lupas on May 3, court records say.

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By Ed Lewis

[email protected]