Selenski’s daughter and her boyfriend seek PFAs

By Ed Lewis - [email protected]
Bartoo and Tyler - Facebook

WILKES-BARRE — A day after Jamie Leigh Bartoo was arrested on charges she scratched her live-in boyfriend during a domestic dispute on Tuesday, Jeffrey Tyler obtained a temporary restraining order against her.

Then, Bartoo, 25, obtained a temporary restraining order against Tyler, 29, on Thursday.

In both court orders, two different Luzerne County judges evicted the couple from their Bunny Lane, Edwardsville, residence and ordered them not to have any contact with each other until a hearing for permanent restraining orders is held June 5.

Edwardsville police charged Bartoo, the daughter of convicted killer Hugo Selenski, with domestic assault charges after Tyler claimed she arrived home after drinking with her cousin, Kim Kerkowski.

Kerkowski was the estranged wife of Michael Kerkowski who, along with Tammy Fassett, were tortured and killed by Selenski and Paul Weakley in May 2002.

Selenski was convicted by a Luzerne County jury after a three week trial in January 2015, and was sentenced to two life terms in state prison. Weakley pleaded guilty to a federal racketeering charge that involved the murders, and is serving life in federal prison.

According to the criminal complaint:

Tyler alleged Bartoo was upset and began yelling at him because he was playing video games all day.

Bartoo picked up a child and continued to scream at Tyler.

Tyler told police he took the child from Bartoo and Bartoo began pulling at the child. Tyler then gave the child to a friend.

Tyler alleged Bartoo attacked him, leaving numerous scratches on his neck, chest and arms. Police said Tyler wanted to pursue charges against Bartoo.

Police charged Bartoo with simple assault, harassment, public drunkenness and two counts of disorderly conduct. She was released on $5,000 unsecured bail.

In her application for a temporary protection from abuse order, Bartoo claims Tyler was the aggressor.

She wrote she got off work at her waitress job at 4 p.m., and had two beers with her cousin, whom she did not name. She left to pick up a daughter to get their nails done and arrived home, where she claimed Tyler was extremely mean and angry towards her because he smelled alcohol.

Bartoo alleged Tyler’s voice became more elevated, and she wanted to leave with her two children to walk to the park to let the situation die down. She claimed Tyler followed her, and punched her in the arm, causing her arm to go limp, she wrote in the PFA application.

She also alleged Tyler grabbed both her arms and head-butted her.

Tyler was not charged by police.

Bartoo claimed she asked police to give her a breathalyzer test but was not given the opportunity. She claimed Tyler has injured her in the past and she sought medical care an an urgent care facility.

Tyler claimed in his PFA application Bartoo arrived home very drunk and screamed at him in front of the children, and began hitting and scratching him. He also alleged Bartoo threatened to throw their son down a set of stairs.

Bartoo and Tyler and Tyler Facebook

By Ed Lewis

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