Suspect sought after cats thrown from WB high-rise

By Dan Stokes - [email protected]

WILKES-BARRE — Police are searching for a city man after he allegedly tossed two cats from the top floor of a Parkview Circle high-rise.

A warrant has been issued for Tyquan Hinds, 22, in connection with the incident, which police say left one cat dead and the injured so badly it had to be put down.

According to court documents:

On May 30, a Wilkes-Barre City police officer and a city animal enforcement officer responded to 300 Parkview Circle. The property manager told them two cats out of an eighth-floor apartment window along with a cat litter box, a vacuum and a bag of trash.

An orange cat was found dead on the ground, the manager said, while a male picked up a black and grey mixed cat that was injured but alive.

Officers walked to the end of the building and met a male, later identified as Hinds, asking about the cats. The male said he had picked up one cat and taken it to his apartment. The officers accompanied Hinds to the eighth floor.

Hinds originally told the officers his name was James Carter, before admitting his real name as they attempted to run a records check on that name.

“If you pull out those cuffs, I’m going to have an allergic reaction,” he told them.

Hinds then retrieved the black and grey cat from another room. Police said its breathing was labored and the cat had blood coming from its mouth. Its fur was wet, and Hinds claimed he had “tried giving it water.”

Two females were also in the apartment, identified as Janet Yates, the tenant, and her daughter Jaana McCormick, Hinds’ girlfriend.

“Both Yates and McCormick appeared very quiet and as though they were in fear,” the affidavit states.

McCormick told the officers she didn’t have any cats. When officers spoke to Yates, she said, “my cat had died a few months ago.”

Asked why there were so many cat supplies present, Hinds said: “Nothing gets thrown out in this apartment,” the affidavit states.

An officer looked out a window with no screen and observed the dead orange cat lying on the ground directly in line of the window.

After leaving the apartment with the injured cat, officers said they were told by a tenant that the black and grey cat lived in the apartment in question. Another tenant said that the boyfriend who lived there had killed previous cats. Another resident told police of hearing a thud and seeing items thrown from the window of the eighth floor apartment.

The black and grey cat was taken to the Plains Animal Hospital, where it had to be euthanized due to its multiple traumatic injuries.

District Judge Thomas F. Mallory Sr. issued a warrant for Hinds’ arrest after police filed two felony animal cruelty charges against him.

By Dan Stokes

[email protected]