Wilkes-Barre Township police officers post ‘One Bite’ video doughnut review

By Dan Stokes - [email protected]

WILKES-BARRE TWP. — With the rise of Barstool Sports’ popularity among millennials, many have tried to duplicate its content in efforts to promote their brand.

The Wilkes-Barre Township police department is the latest to try and take a crack at one of Barstool’s gimmick.

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy goes around New York City trying a different slice of pizza until he tries them all on his daily social media segment ‘One Bite.’

His catchphrase, “One Bite Everyone Knows the Rules” has taken a life of its own. The reviewer has to rank the pizza on a scale of 1 -10. Usually a decimal score is encouraged.

A recent Facebook post by the Wilkes-Barre Township police department features officers Bryan Mock and Matthew Godlewski hosting a special edition of “One Bite” with a twist, not pizza but doughnuts.

The post apologizes for the ‘low quality’ video because of the video camera it was filmed on and the editing software that was available to the officers.

Godlewski says that he and Mock are going to review Pennsylvania’s own Tastykake doughnuts.

Godlewski and Mock test out plain, cinnamon and powdered sugar doughnuts.

Review based on a cop’s perspective

Godlewski claimed the presentation was lacking because it was a rough transit to the office.

Mock reviews the powdered doughnut, saying “There was a lot of powder left on the plate.”

“The doughnuts hold their shape, but they have bald spots that are lacking sugar,” Godlewski said. “It would be very embarrassing responding to a call with powder all of your uniform.”

Review time

Both officers agreed that the Tastykake doughnuts were very fresh. They went on to say that they are soft and easy on the mouth.

“This is the perfect morning doughnut with coffee, milk or whatever you prefer,” Mock said.

Mock gave the doughnut an overall ranking of 7.3 while his partner ranked it at 7.2.

The light-hearted video has amassed over 2,000 views on the department’s Facebook page. That number continues to grow.

Viewers can tell that Godlewski and Mock had fun poking fun at the ‘cops love doughnuts’ stereotype while creating funny content similar to Barstool Sports.


By Dan Stokes

[email protected]