Larksville man faces open lewdness charge after incident at General Hospital

By Dan Stokes - [email protected]

LARKSVILLE — A Larksville man faces a slew of charges after police responded to a call of a call of a disorderly man at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital Saturday night.

Mark Simms, 54, of Larksville was allegedly caught by hospital staff masturbating in a common hallway. He also allegedly began to argue and threaten staff after they confronted him.

According to an criminal complaint:

Simms was brought into Wilkes-Barre General as a public drunk patient. Per common hospital practice, Simms was placed in a bed in a common hallway open to hospital employees, patients and members of the public.

A nurse walked by Simms and observed that he was laying on his side with his blanket moving up and down, giving the appearance that he was masturbating.

The nurse alerted other nurses about what she believed Simms was doing. Hospital security was then requested.

When approached by a female staff member, Simms admitted to masturbating and asked a staff member to perform a sex act in return. When the female staff member walked away, Simms shouted out that he wanted to perform a sex act on her.

When hospital security arrived, they allegedly asked Simms to stop masturbating to which he complied.

Simms then hopped out of his bed and, while exposing himself, began shouting more obscenities at the female staff worker.

When Wilkes-Barre City police arrived, they observed Simms was emitting a strong odor of alcohol, had bloodshot watery eyes and was observed slurring his speech.

In Simms possession was a baggie filled with an unknown gel. He told police a nurse gave him a triple antibiotic ointment for poison ivy and that he was using it as lube.

Simms proceeded to yell and shout obscenities as people passed by after allegedly being told to cease his behavior.

After receiving his discharge paperwork, Simms was escorted by police and proceeded to call the nurses vulgar names and allegedly threatened to kill them.

Simms was then transported to police headquarters for processing. Once in a holding cell, he continuously masturbated.

Simms was arraigned Saturday morning by Magisterial District Judge Matthew C. Christopher on charges of indecent exposure, terroristic threats, open lewdness, harassment, public drunkenness and two counts of disorderly conduct. He was released on $5,000 unsecured bail.

Simms preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 12.

By Dan Stokes

[email protected]