Police: Pants-less woman charged after disturbance

By Ed Lewis - [email protected]
Montialbano -

WILKES-BARRE — City police arrested a woman who they allege caused a disturbance at a McDonald’s Restaurant, removed her pants and ran into a residence stealing a hairbrush Sunday night.

Police arrested Stephanie Montialbano, 31, as she ran across South Wilkes-Barre Boulevard just before midnight.

When she was handcuffed, Montialbano kept asking officers to call police.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police responded to McDonald’s on East Northampton Street where Montialbano caused a disturbance at about 11:33 p.m.

A restaurant manager told police he was filling a cup with water when he was approached by Montialbano who said, “Give me that.”

The manager gave the cup of water to Montialbano, who then ran behind the counter to the kitchen area yelling for help. Montialbano picked up a metal pole she used to push down garbage in trash cans, and struck the manager in the lower legs, the complaint says.

Montialbano spilled the water on the floor causing her to fall.

Police said Montialbano ran from the restaurant toward Boulevard Townhomes on South Wilkes-Barre Boulevard.

An officer went to the apartment complex and spotted a pants-less Montialbano holding a hairbrush banging on a door repeatedly yelling, “Help me,” the complaint says.

Montialbano approached the officer saying, “They are after me.” When she was advised she was speaking with an officer, Montialbano ran across South Wilkes-Barre Boulevard where she was arrested by other officers.

Police said Montialbano ran into traffic, causing motorists to suddenly stop.

Montialbano was visibly intoxicated and did not seem to have a grasp of reality as she continued to ask officers to call police, the complaint says.

As officers remained at the scene, they were approached by Fernando Freyre-Munoz, who claimed a woman banged and opened his apartment door stealing a hairbrush from a table.

Montialbano was arraigned Monday by District Judge Brian Tupper in Luzerne County Central Court on charges of burglary, simple assault, defiant trespass, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and harassment. She was jailed at the county correctional facility for lack of $25,000 bail.


By Ed Lewis

[email protected]