PSP motor vehicle officer charged with soliciting sex from truck driver

By Ed Lewis - [email protected]

DORRANCE TWP. — An officer with the state police motor carrier unit was charged with soliciting sex from a female truck driver during an inspection at a rest area along Interstate 81 last week.

State police allege Robert William Aigeldinger, 49, forced the driver to perform oral sex in exchange for a favorable truck inspection Aug. 23.

Aigeldinger, of Pope Terrace, Mountain Top, gave four different versions of his encounter with the driver, telling troopers the sex act was consensual, court records say.

According to a criminal complaint:

A female truck driver told police she was sexually assaulted during an inspection at the Dorrance rest area. She claimed Aigeldinger approached her and asked if she was ready for a truck inspection.

She returned to her truck to retrieve her license, registration and medical card. As she was gathering the documents, she said Aigeldinger asked her, “I bet you have a fat (expletive).”

When she asked Aigeldinger what he said, he repeated the sexual comment.

She asked Aigeldinger if what he said was part of the inspection, to which he replied, “If you want it to be.”

Aigeldinger asked the woman, “Do you wanna pass the vehicle inspection?” and insinuated she could pass if she performed oral sex on him. He also told her she would receive “a good inspection.”

The woman claimed Aigeldinger returned to his vehicle and completed inspection reports. When he returned to the woman’s truck, he stood near the door and told her she needed to perform oral sex.

Aigeldinger then climbed into the truck and told the woman to go to the rear bed area of the truck’s cab. She said Aigeldinger stood in front of her and unzipped his pants, forcing her to perform a lewd act.

She told troopers it was her first inspection and she was scared because Aigeldinger was in a “trooper” uniform.

Troopers questioned Aigeldinger last Friday about the woman’s accusations.

Aigeldinger provided four different versions of the alleged incident. He initially denied any contact or improper comments, but later claimed the encounter was consensual and it happened after his shift ended.

He also claimed the incident happened while he was working and after he gave the woman her inspection report.

During a second interview Tuesday, troopers say Aigeldinger claimed he made small talk with the woman and she initiated the sex act.

Aigeldinger was arraigned Tuesday night by District Judge James Dixon on charges of threat of an official act and official oppression. He was released on $25,000 unsecured bail.

By Ed Lewis

[email protected]