Kingston man allegedly trespassed at Wilkes University

By Ed Lewis - [email protected]

WILKES-BARRE — A Kingston man claimed he was waiting for his girlfriend but city police allege he was trespassing.

Patrick Tosh, 66, of Market Street, was arraigned Tuesday on a charge he trespassed on the campus of Wilkes University on June 18.

Four days later on June 22, Tosh was charged with illegally being on the campus of King’s College where he caused a disturbance and threatened security officers, authorities report.

Police said they are familiar with Tosh from similar trespassing incidents on college campuses.

Court records say Tosh pleaded guilty to defiant trespass on Sept. 3, 2009, after being advised multiple times to leave King’s when he was spotted lurking around the Sheehy Farmer Student Center on Aug. 27, 2009. Sentencing information could not be found for that case.

According to the latest criminal complaints:

Police responded to the area of 140 S. River St. on June 18 where Wilkes public safety officers detained Tosh.

He claimed he was waiting for his girlfriend, but public safety officers warned him to stay off university property.

Tosh was arraigned by District Judge Alexandra Kokura Kravitz in Luzerne County Central Court on a single count of defiant trespass. He was jailed at the county lockup for lack of $10,000 bail.

Regarding the King’s case, Tosh pleaded guilty to a summary offense of defiant trespass and was fined, court records say.

By Ed Lewis

[email protected]