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While at my friend’s bridal shower the other week, I had heard one of the women tell the bride-to-be that the number of ribbons she broke while opening her presents would represent how many children she would have.

I had never heard of this before, but I also had a display shower, so I didn’t open any gifts. Maybe this means I’m not meant to have kids.

But it made me think of my brother-in-law, oddly enough, who makes it a point to bother my husband, Mikey, and I about when we’re going to start having kids.

I laugh it off. I mean, it’s a pretty funny thought.

Yeah, we’re married, but we’re not ready for that kind of commitment. I mean, we’re still trying to figure out who we are and how we operate as a husband and wife.

Between household chores, making time for both our families and friends and trying to have a social life, our plates are kind of full.

And that’s not even putting work into the picture. It’s no secret that I started a new job recently. My priorities are pretty work-focused right now, and that’s okay.

Mikey is in the beginning stages of studying to become a certified public accountant.

This isn’t to say we’re never going to have kids, I just think there is a lot to accomplish first.

But that’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about the abstract thought of having a child.

One of my favorite contestants from the “Bachelor” franchise just announced she was expecting her first child. She’s 23. A full year younger than me, and she seems so confident in her decision. This is something she’s always wanted, she said when she announced it.

I don’t have that certainty yet. When I hear kids screaming in the store, I cringe. I wonder how parents stay calm when their children throw tantrums, or how they don’t laugh in their child’s face when they go on and on about which toys they want and why they deserve them.

Everyone is on their own path in life, and while I find my nephew and babies I’m not responsible for adorable, I’m comfortable with not having to take one home with me just yet.

Parenting is obviously a mystery to me. My mother says “with the grace of God” I will understand one day, and maybe she’s right.

We’ll find out one day. In the distant future.

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Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence

Brigid Says

Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence’s Brigid Says column appears every Monday in the Times Leader.

Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence’s Brigid Says column appears every Monday in the Times Leader.