Court Briefs

Anthony -

Eye-stabbing suspect

can go to dad’s funeral

WILKES-BARRE — A warrant was issued for a woman who allegedly stabbed another woman in the eye after she failed to appear in court Monday, but that warrant was revoked later in the week.

Qualuani Anthony, 26, is accused of stabbing Kathy Curry in her right eye with a kitchen knife during an argument Jan. 5. Curry later lost the eye due to an infection.

Anthony was due to appear in court on charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and simple assault. Court records show she’s been out on $20,000 bail since May 10.

Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Vough issued a bench warrant for her arrest, revoking her bail.

On Wednesday, though, Anthony appeared before Luzerne County Judge Joseph F. Sklarosky Jr., who gave Anthony permission to attend her father’s funeral in Philadelphia.

According to police, the dispute between Anthony and Curry arose over Nathaniel Moore.

Anthony allegedly came to 815 Main St., Edwardsville, and began yelling before smashing the window and stabbing a tire on Curry’s car. She then allegedly rushed at Curry, stabbing her in the eye with a kitchen knife.

Charges were also filed against Moore, who prosecutors accused of hindering Anthony’s apprehension. Court records show Moore pleaded guilty to the charge in June and was sentenced to one to two years in prison.

Anthony fled the area after the assault on Curry, police say. She was arrested 20 days after the attack by U.S. Marshals in Broome County, New York.

Sklarosky scheduled Anthony’s jury trial to start Jan. 7, 2019.

Homicide preliminary hearing

rescheduled after bias claims

WILKES-BARRE — A filing in county court Tuesday shows the preliminary hearing for homicide suspect Dana Ganjeh has been postponed after prosecutors accused the district judge assigned to the case of being biased.

Ganjeh, 39, allegedly beat girlfriend Linda Frick to death at a Kingston home Aug. 8. He’s facing an open count of criminal homicide.

In an order issued by Luzerne County President Judge Richard M. Hughes III, Ganjeh’s preliminary hearing has been pushed back to Oct. 1.

Ganjeh’s hearing was originally set for this Friday. As of right now, it’s unclear what magistrate the hearing will be held before, after prosecutors alleged District Judge James J. Haggerty had unfairly predetermined the case.

Prosecutors filed earlier this week, asking for Haggerty to be removed from the case after he allegedly told prosecutors to argue why Ganjeh should be denied bail, despite state laws barring those accused of first-degree murder from being granted bail.

Since first-degree murder is one of the possible charges Ganjeh could be found guilty of, prosecutors are saying Haggerty’s statement implies he has made a determination about Ganjeh’s guilt or innocence.

In a filing Tuesday, Hughes set a hearing for Sept. 28 to hear arguments about the change of venue.

By Patrick Kernan