Hearing continued in animal cruelty case

By Ed Lewis - [email protected]

A preliminary hearing for a Fairmount Township woman accused of mutilating dogs’ ears and tails by performing surgery and neglecting animals at her residence was continued Tuesday.

A humane officer with the SPCA served a search warrant at the Crawford Road residence of Anna Frumina, 50, on May 31 after emergency medical technicians noticed dogs and cats living in unsanitary conditions. Paramedics were at the house to assist a man for a medical issue and reported their findings to the SPCA, court records say.

Six dogs and 18 cats were taken from Frumina’s residence by the SPCA while other dogs were left behind after they were deemed safe.

Frumina was charged with 32 counts of animal mutilation, 24 counts of neglect of animals and two counts of failure to provide animal care.

Her preliminary hearing was continued until Nov. 6.

Court records say Frumina ran afoul of the law in 2000 when she lived and operated RusDog kennel in Northampton County where 57 dogs were living in unsanitary conditions and had no drinking water. She pleaded guilty to operating a kennel without a license and a single count of animal cruelty. She was fined $100 and was permitted to have only five dogs at one time, records say.

After paramedics reported what they witnessed at Frumina’s house, a humane officer served a search warrant and reportedly found excessive amounts of bones scattered throughout the property. Frumina claimed the bones were deer and pigs she used to feed the animals, according to a criminal complaint.

A humane officer claimed there were 18 cats at the property, plus 10 Caucasian Ovcharkas, often called Central Asians, 17 French Bulldogs, three English Bulldogs, a Bull Terrier, a mix Lab, and a Yorky.

All of the Caucasian Ovcharkas, a dog from Russia that can weigh close to 200 pounds, had their ears and tails cropped, the complaint says.

Several of the dogs were found to be safe while other dogs were allegedly kept in cages filled with urine and feces.

Surgical instruments, antibiotics, needles and vials with unknown origins were taken from the house. Most of the items taken were labeled in Russian and later interpretation revealed they were for surgery on animals, the complaint says.

Frumina “is believed to have knowledge and education” in the field of veterinary medicine from her native Russia, and several animals found on her property have had surgical procedures, authorities added.

She remains free without bail.


By Ed Lewis

[email protected]