Christy doesn’t want his trial delayed, and he wants a haircut

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SCRANTON — Shawn Christy is at odds with his lawyer.

And he wants a haircut.

Christy, 27, of McAdoo, is disputing his defender’s motions to delay jury selection and his trial to the first week of May, according to court documents filed in federal court Monday.

In a slew of jailhouse motions made by Christy, he wanted to make it clear that he is “objecting to any extension of his trial set for Feb. 25.”

He also motioned the court to get a haircut at the Lackawanna County Correctional Facility, where he’s been housed since U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph F. Saporito denied him bail in November.

And Christy wanted to make sure the clothes he plans on wearing for his upcoming trial are in the possession of U.S. Marshals.

But his defender noted her client, who allegedly threatened to kill President Donald Trump and any member of law enforcement who got in his way during his time on the run last summer, still has a motion pending to have separate trials on threats and weapons counts.

In court documents, federal public defender Heidi R. Freese also said the government is continuing to find new evidence against her client and intends on calling expert witnesses in regards to firearms and fingerprinting.

Court records also indicate Christy has an independent investigation continuing into the government’s allegations against him.

In addition, he filed several criminal complaints on his own behalf against law enforcement and officials in an attempt to introduce new evidence that he believes would help his cause.

Christy alleges Schuylkill County District Judge Stephen J. Bayer illegally issued a search warrant for his arrest because District Attorney Michael O’Pake was previously assigned to his case in Tamaqua as a public defender.

He also lodged a criminal complaint against State Trooper Richard Mark for alleged false statements in regards to Christy’s alleged break-in at Skipper Dippers Dairy Bar & Grill near Tamaqua last summer. Christy continues to maintain that it was an actor — not him — who was on the surveillance footage that was aired by news outlets.

Christy’s federal charges include counts for alleged threats, firearms violations and interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle.

He was captured Sept. 21 in a wooded area of Mifflin Township, Ohio, after a manhunt that covered three months and multiple states.

New filing also seeks permission for haircut

By Dan Stokes

[email protected]

Reach Dan Stokes at 570-991-6389 or on Twitter @ByDanStokes

Reach Dan Stokes at 570-991-6389 or on Twitter @ByDanStokes